Chase Pops


What Are Chase Pops? And Why Should You Collect Them First

Chase Pops are funko pops that have some variation to it compared to others in the same batch. It is unique and quite rare. The rarity comes from the randomly added shipments when retailers order their pops. There have been a few speculations on what ratio of standard Pops to Chase Pops sent, but it all leads to the fact they are scarce and vital to snatch up.  Why are chase pops so important? If you are starting out on your Pop collection journey or are a seasoned collector, you know how addicting it can be to start buying all your favorite characters. Especially just starting, you notice funko pops everywhere you go and start grabbing them as you see them. Trying to complete a collection is fun, but soon you will realize there is more to it than grabbing any and everyone you find.  Retailers only produce a limited…