As collectors, it’s essential to understand how ‘restock’ funko pops work and why restocks at well-known retailers. So we break down what a restock funko pop is, which brand stores have the most restocks, and what we know about when restocking happens at these places. 

Let’s start with the basics and then dive in: 

What’s a Restock Funko Pop?


A restock funko pop is when shipments of the exact figure go on sale after its original release date. Typically, retailers or brands launch a funko pop once and hold a smaller supply to release at another time when overall store sales are low. 

Restocks are intentional or unintentional, depending on the retailer. Most collectors feel they happen at random; however, sometimes, a funko product can experience production delays, causing a ‘restock.’ It’s because the first production batch is done and already sold out.

Other times, it’s a part of a plan as they understand how highly anticipated the figure is and want to give fans equal opportunity to get it. Each has its effects on fan and customer sentiment.

As retailers become savvier with their releases, the collectors will continue to benefit from these restocks, depending on their perspective. More to explain below. 

Do Funko Pops Get Discontinued?

Yes, Funko Pops became discontinued, also known as ‘vaulted’ where all figure production stops. It could take 6-10 months for a pop figure to become discontinued and depending mainly on the character’s popularity. 

Additionally, if sales of the franchise line remain high, they’ll consider creating a second wave for that pop line. 

However, Funko can devalue the specific figures and potentially harm the hobby overall. For example, if you increase the supply of the specific pop and demand decreases, the overall amount it’s worth could decrease.

Popular and well-known franchises are among the most restocked funko pops. Attack on Titans, for example, is a hugely popular anime with characters like Eren and Mikasa. Their pop figures are worth hundreds of dollars and are vaulted.


However, Funko.Inc noticed this and decided to recreate the original figures for those specific characters.

They’ve now sold pre-orders to a new wave of attacks on titan funko pops. So what does it do to the value of the originals? First, it increases the original pops by 10% to 25% in value. 

Do Funko Pops Ever Come Back?

The short answer is No; However, if a funko pop is popular, they take the specific character and create different versions. Typically, the main character of a tv series, movie, or book gets the most versions. 

These funko pops are called ‘vaulted’ funko pops. All funko pops become vaulted over time; however, it takes time for the pop to become vaulted. 

A famous pop line can experience getting another entire wave of new funko pops with designs that differ from the original. 

Why Do Retailers Restock Funko Pops 

1. To Build Momentum In Sales 

Retailers seek to sell more collectibles and intentionally hold stock to release at specific times to keep the momentum of those sales. However, it creates a win-win scenario where new collectors can buy a funko pop previously released at a lower price. 

For example, a discontinued funko pop increases in value, sometimes anywhere between $100 to $200 more than it was initially worth. Then, when there’s a restock, Collectors can buy those funko pops at their original retail price of $15 to $25. 

2. Increase Creator’s Collection Value 

Restocks are ideal for folks who have only recently begun collecting funko pops. Popular retailers like Hot Topic are known for their restocks, and it allows flippers to get doubles to sell for profit. Retailers understand being in the collectibles business is all about creating value for the collector. 

By making restocks available to those who didn’t have the chance, they can instantly gain a grail funko pop which excites them. Keeping their customers and the funko community happy is a priority, or else there wouldn’t be a business. 

3. Unload Leftover Supply 

Sometimes retailers get it wrong, and they overproduce a collectible that’s taking up warehouse space. So it’s an excellent opportunity for retailers to the right they’re wrong by releasing a restock funko pop on their online store for new buyers. 

While most retailers won’t admit that they’ve made a mistake, you can tell when the funko community doesn’t like a funko pop design and doesn’t buy. So while a restock occurs due to an error doesn’t often happen, it’s something to consider as a collector. 

Retail Policies Collectors Should Be Aware Of Restocks 

Sometimes understanding what retail policies are in place can help you get exclusive funko pops when they ‘restock.’ We look at some standard policies; however, please note it’s different across every location. These are generalizations that most can use as good observations.  

Managers Policies

Managers enforce a no flipper rule by keeping some of the rarest exclusives at the electronics table. 

Employees Policies

Employees who wish to buy pops must leave them on the floor for at least 15 minutes before purchasing them. 

How To Get Restock Funko Pops 

Best Days for Restocks 

While most retailers refresh their store shelves every day, it’s typical for shipments to arrive on Tuesdays or Fridays. So for pop hunters, it’s best to go to retail stores looking for exclusive figures on those days. 

It’s typically done overnight or early to avoid disrupting activities. For example, it’s less likely for retailers to move products on Wednesdays because they tend to have leftover products on the shelves until Thursday. 

Ask an Employee For HelP

The retail store employees have many ways to help you find the latest restock funko pops. They can text you when they arrive or fetch them from the back. Remember to be friendly and respect them because they could mislead you about what’s truly available. 

Which Retailers Have Restocks For Funko Pops 

We analyzed the frequency of how often a restock can happen at these top retailers. Here’s what we found: 

1. Hot Topic (Most Restocks)

Funko pops remain a hot selling collectible, and the Hot Topic team continues to push the products that sell most. 

In addition, hot Topic online restocks typically happen during 11 pm EST or later at night to boost sales for that particular day. 

2. Target (Some Restocks)

Target will restock funko pops online when supply comes in, specific to the store. 


Check your local target stores by adding your zip code into their store finder to keep up with which stores have the latest stock. 

3. Gamestop (Some Restocks)

GameStop has restocked when other product lines become available or are new. 

So, for example, when a new video game comes out, you’ll also see a refresh to their funko pop inventory because it’s helpful to have complementary products on the shelves. 

4. Walmart (Least Restocks)

Walmart will restock far less than most other retailers because they put all the products they have out at once. 

So you can expect that when the new funko pops come off the truck, they hit the shelves quickly, and it’s a rare occasion when a restock happens at Walmart. 

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    Toy collector blogger with 3+ years collecting funko pops. Believe it's okay for adults to collect toys and want to reduce the stigma. Follow @popandfigures on Twitter & Instagram.

PopAndFigures Funko Pop Blog

Toy collector blogger with 3+ years collecting funko pops. Believe it's okay for adults to collect toys and want to reduce the stigma. Follow @popandfigures on Twitter & Instagram.