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9 Star Wars Exclusive Funko Pops Worth Collecting

As funko continues to release more Star Wars exclusive funko pops, it’s becoming harder and harder to keep track of which ones truly are worth collecting. Of course, any funko pop is worth it. However, these 9 funko pops are exclusive and (some vaulted) making them extremely rare in the funko community. The greatest space franchise of all time has a wide variety and some of the best Funko Pops! Since the release of “The Mandalorian” via Disney Plus on November 12, 2019, star war fans and collectors can’t get enough. It’s important we take a look at these unique opportunities adding rare Star Wars exclusive funko pops to your collection. Here’s 9 Star Wars Exclusive Funko Pops you’ll want to hurry up and add to your collection.  Ahsoka #130 Hot Topic STAR WARS Exclusive Funko Pop (ReBELS) “You Don’t Have To Carry A Sword To Be Powerful. Some Leaders’…

3 Suicide Squad Walmart Funko Pop Must-Haves

“Why so serious?” the famous words every joker fan loves to hear. If you enjoy collecting funko pops apart of the DC Universe, then this is what you should know before considering to purchase the Suicide Squad Walmart exclusives to add to your collection. Funko gets creative with the designs of these suicide squad funko pops, which is a testament to the fandom.  As you know, the rivalry between Batman and the Joker runs deep, especially in the popular suicide squad movie that released on August 5, 2016. The unique relationship between batman and JokerJoker always makes for an entertaining storyline, keeping us on our toes. However, you could argue that the connection the fans were most excited about was between Joker and Harley Quinn.  Why add Suicide Squad Walmart exclusives to your shelves For starters, there’s an on-going debate between which actor played the role of “The Joker” better, and…

Top 10 Highly-Anticipated Upcoming Funko Pops for Anime Fans

Do you know how Funko decides on which upcoming funko pops they should produce? Or what influences this decision? That’s right, demand. If collectors want it then they shall get it.

How can we make a difference in getting Funkos attention and getting them to hear us about what we want? Well, that’s up to how loud and big the fanbase of a television show, movie, etc. can get!

Anime has always had a devoted fanbase, and in recent years this fanbase continues to grow. In fact, anime has never been more accessible to broad audiences. With shows like Attack on Titan and Fullmetal Alchemist available on Netflix, new people are being introduced to it every day. 

Grow demand to get your favorite characters to become Upcoming Funko Pops

Additionally, the rise of anime funko pops as collectibles have served to excite people about their fandoms and introduce them to new characters and stories they haven’t known yet. Below we’ll take you through some of the most highly-anticipated upcoming  Funko Pops for this year.

Funko announced another wave of Boku no hero (My Hero Academia) pops, where the show has been ranked 8.4/10 on IMDB recently and continues to grow in popularity as a top best anime. This time it looks like more villain funko pops are taking over the collection than heroes. It’s precise times have changed when collectors are hunting a villain over a hero!

6 Exclusive Universal Funko Pops You Must Have

Funko Pops are collectible figurines of characters from comics, shows, and movies. Universal Monsters are fictional characters created by Universal Studios in several famous horror films. In recent times, Universal Funko Pops have been taking the world of vinyl by storm. They have been able to generate mass appeal, and gamers can’t get enough of them. People are going crazy over these universal monsters funko pop nowadays. Some of these are super rare and very cute, and sometimes creepy. These little action figures have only increased in popularity, and there are so much joy and pride for those who buy these fantastic universal studios funko pops. Which Exclusive Universal Funko Pops Matter Most? Fans are obsessed, as there are pops of every character you can think of and want. There are more than 8,000 different Pops, and that number never seems to stop growing. Unlike other pops, the rarest Pops…