Getting Started Pop Guide

We wanted to take a moment to compile all the latest funko pop news, collector tips and information around collecting funko pops. It’s a goal of ours to become a funko blog worth bookmarking!

Below you’ll find a list of the best funko pops and which pops are trending in value. While we’re not a database  of “Everything Funko’ such as Price Pop Guide – We do provide relevant toy collecting news!

Pop Guide Funko Pops


Start Here If Your New To Collecting Funko Pops

It’s super exciting getting involved in the funko community and there’s a lot to learn. Depending on if you need to ship your first funko pop, or your on the hunt for a rare funko pop, you must have a ton of questions.

Here’s a few articles focused on the basics!


It’s a ton of fun to buy funko pops that you want and it’s even better when you find out that they have high resell value. Also, funko pops increase in value and it’s important to find which pops exactly do that.

Here’s a few articles recommending funko pops!

HOw to best display funko pops; Funko Display Inspiration

One of the best parts of collecting funko pops is getting to organize them, find space for them and showing them off to other collectors. Display ideas for funko pops do not come easy, however, we have some tips to help!

Here’s a few articles sharing  funko pop display ideas!

which funko pops should you buy first? And where?

When you can get your hands on vaulted funko pops they typically appreciate in value. Find pops that get you excited and also go up in value over time.

We hope this pop guide has helped you get started in collecting more Pop Vinyls. If you have already started collecting pops, consider using ‘PopThis‘ to help track your collection and recent additions.