Today, we discuss 12 rare vaulted Star Wars Pops that, without doubt, have skyrocketed in value. 

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, existed 12 Funko Pops that the world craved above all else. Jedi and Rebels, Droids and Imperials — there was a Funko Pop for each.

No more. You may wonder, what happened to these Funko Pops? 

They didn’t jump to hyperspace to explore the Unknown Regions, nor were they defeated in a great battle: Jedi vs. Sith, Light vs. Dark.

Quite merely, Funko — our favorite company in this known universe — vaulted them. 

As the Old Republic, Jedi Revan, and Malak did many years ago, these Funko Pops disappeared.

…But they didn’t disappear from our hearts, nor our  vaulted Funko Pop list. 

which Vaulted Star Wars Pops worth investing in?

Each Funko Pop on this list has been hand-picked by our expert team — chosen for their high-demand and importance to the Star Wars community. 

  • #31 — Star Wars R2-D2
  • #130 — Ahsoka Star Wars Rebels Hot Topic Exclusive
  • #169 — Han Solo Galactic Convention Exclusive
  • #46 — E-3PO 2015 Galactic Convention Exclusive.
  • #56 — Snowtrooper Walgreens Exclusive
  • #22 – Jabba the Hutt
  • #18 — Star Wars Slave Leia
  • #172 — Mace Windu Walgreens Exclusive
  • #08 — Boba Fett
  • #11 — Luke Skywalker
  • #19 — Star Wars Tusken Raider
  • #51 — Tie Fighter Pilot

You’ll see some key characters, but we’ve got some less well-known individuals for you, too. Your average Star Wars fan may not know these characters, yet we can guarantee an avid collector will pay high to have them on their shelves.

So, without further ado, we’re happy to say coordinates to our vaulted Pops list. 

“Chewie, prepare to make the jump to lightspeed!”

Let’s dive into which vaulted  Star Wars Pops are worth picking up if you find them available! 

#31 — Star Wars R2-D2

Vaulted R2-D2 Funko Pop

“Weeb woob Weebwoop.”

Who hasn’t heard of R2-D2? Even if you’d never watched Star Wars, you’d know this bucket of bolts to a tee!

Played by the late Kenny Baker, R2-D2 is one of the few characters to appear in every Skywalker Saga film.

But did you know? R2-D2’s iconic Clone Wars episode, Duel of the Droids, has some of the worst animations across the TV series’ 7 season run? That’s because this episode was part of the initial six episodes produced, and the animators were still learning the ropes!

Check it out on Disney+, and you’ll see a vast difference from the rest. 

While we’re on the subject of R2-D2, we have to talk about that fantastic scene in Star Wars Episode 3, where the little astromech takes out 2 B2-series Super Battle Droids all on his own!

#130 — Ahsoka Star Wars Rebels Hot Topic Exclusive 

Ahsoka Vaulted Pop Star Wars

“If There’s One Thing I’ve Learned From You, Master, It’s That Following Direct Orders Isn’t Always The Best Way To Solve A Problem.”

The Jedi Togruta, and Padawan to Anakin Skywalker. Ahsoka Tano is one of the most powerful females in the Star Wars universe — but she is also subject to one of the saddest story arcs. The betrayal of Anakin Skywalker, and his turn to Darth Vader.

Ahsoka Tano was discovered by Jedi Master Plo Koon and trained at the Jedi Temple from a young age.

With her live-action appearance in The Mandalorian on the horizon, we know why her vaulted star wars Pops are one worth getting your hands on.

Also, let’s not forget her incredible duel with Maul at the end of the Clone Wars. If it’s not the best lightsaber battle in the whole series, we don’t know what it is!

#169 — Han Solo Galactic Convention Exclusive

Han Solo Vaulted Exclusive Funko Pop

“That’s not how the Force works!”

The smuggler turned rebel and one of the few Star Wars characters to get their featured film — Han Solo is one we all know and love. 

One little known fact about him, however, is that he was once an Imperial Cadet. There is an entire Marvel miniseries dedicated to this period of his life. Be sure to check it out!

And we mustn’t forget his fantastic love story with Princess Leia. It touches all of our hearts, and that makes this Funko Pop worth having.

Don’t you think it will look great next to your #04 — Princess Leia Funko Pop?

There’s nothing quite like the scene Han shares with Kylo Ren on Starkiller Base. If, for some reason, The Force Awakens has passed you by, give it a watch. We won’t spoil it for you. 

#46 — E-3PO 2015 Galactic Convention Exclusive.

E - 3P0 Star Wars


E-3PO was a sub-series of the 3PO protocol droid line, used across the galaxy for multiple purposes. We mostly famously meet one of these units in The Empire Strikes Backs, and it isn’t polite to C-3PO indeed!

It’s a bit of an oddball for your Funko Pop collection, but in our opinion — that makes it even more special! Everyone has a #190 — Rey Funko Pop. But, who has an E-3PO Pop? We guarantee, the “silver C-3PO” is an excellent conversation starter indeed.

Did you know? These droids contained a TechSpan I module. It allowed them to communicate with Imperial networks and make rare, undocumented deals with Imperial contractors. 

That’s a lot of power for such a rude droid.

#56 — Snowtrooper Walgreens Exclusive

SnowTrooper StarWars Vaulted Pop

“These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.”

Okay, we know the above is technically a Sandtrooper quote. But, when we see the Snowtroopers on Hoth’s ice planet, they’re all blaster-fire and AT-AT’s. 

Now, you may think these are just Stormtroopers in warmer armor. However, that’s not entirely the case. Snowtroopers were, in fact, specially trained by the Empire to operate efficiently in cold climates. Making them a considerable threat when they stormed Echo Base in The Empire Strikes Back, and because of that, we know precisely why that battle ended in a hasty Rebel retreat.

Did you know? Their armor contained powerful heating units? We like to imagine while they were storming Hoth, they were relatively warm instead of cold! 

A Snowtrooper on your Pop Funko collection is an excellent treat, simply because of their role in one of the most popular Star Wars films. Get your hands on this vaulted Funko today, and remember, don’t let any Rebel escape.

#22 – Jabba the HuttJabba - Vaulted Pop

“Bantha poodoo!”

One of the vilest, repulsive, and feared criminals in the Star Wars galaxy. Jabba the Hutt is not somebody you want to get on the wrong side of — unless you’re Luke Skywalker, or Princess Leia, of course.

One little known fact about Jabba, however, is that he is a loving father! Can you believe it? In the Star Wars Clone Wars movie, it revealed he very much loves his son Rotta. What Ahsoka famously calls “Squishy.”

We don’t know quite what happened to Rotta, who mysteriously disappeared from Star Wars lore following the film, but we do know it added a human-side to the evil Hutt we didn’t know about before. 

In a way, that human-side transferred into this Funko Pop. Jabba looks cuter than anything here, and that makes this one an adorable addition to your collection. Grab hold of it today!

#18 — Star Wars Slave Leia 

Star Wars Leia Vaulted Pop

“Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”

Speaking of Jabba, he often liked to take slaves. When he took Princess Leia as one, following her attempted rescue of Han Solo, he signed his death warrant. 

Yet why did we see Leia don a slave costume? Was it so middle-aged Star Wars fans had something to look forward to in the future? Not quite. Carrie Fisher complained about her outfits in the first two films being boring — and she requested something more exciting.

The Star Wars costume designers certainly delivered, and in turn, gave us an excellent Pop Funko figure to add to our collection.

Remember: There’s nothing quite like the scene where she uses her binding chains to strangle Jabba the Hutt. Now, she won’t be quite as vicious on your shelf, but she will certainly look just as good. 

#172 — Mace Windu Walgreens Exclusive

Mace Vaulted Funko Pops

“You are on this council, but we do not grant you the rank of master.” 

Samuel L Jackson’s portrayal of Mace Windu is not one easily forgotten. He was one of the most refined Jedi to ever grace the Star Wars universe, after all. He was even honored by Luke Skywalker many years after the end of the Galactic Civil War. 

Mace Windu was such a good lightsaber wielder that he invented his combat style. Something that was very, very, rare for a Jedi to do. Even Anakin Skywalker didn’t use his combat style — instead, fighting with Form V. 

And we know it made Mace Windu an excellent fighter for it. He did short work of Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones; making Mace subject to an incredible story arc in The Clone Wars TV series. One where the grieving Boba Fett attempts to take his revenge.

Mace Windu should stand at the forefront of your Pop Funko collection — because he is a fine warrior and a fine addition to your rare vaulted collection indeed. 

#08 — Boba Fett

Boba Fett Star Wars Vaulted

“Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold.”

We use the above quote because it is a very accurate analysis of Fett. Honour and respect. Even though he hated Han, he still respected him and referred to him by his title.

Because Boba Fett wasn’t a monster, he grieved for his father, and do you blame him? It’s no wonder he tried to hunt Mace Windu in The Clone Wars.

Though that story arc isn’t what Boba Fett is known for initially. Everyone remembers his altercation with Luke Skywalker in The Return of the Jedi and his dive into the dreaded Sarlacc Pit.

If you can get your hands on this Funko and keep it next to your #285 Jango Fett, you will be reuniting the pair and giving Boba the honor he deserves.  

Did you know? Boba Fett originally intended to be the main villain of Return of the Jedi. While that would be an exciting take on the final original trilogy film, we’re glad it wasn’t the case. We don’t want a villain so super overshadowing the Emperor himself, after all. 

#11 — Luke Skywalker 

Luke SkyWalker Funko Pop

“I am a Jedi, like my father before me.”

Like R2-D2 at the start of this list, Luke Skywalker is a character we’ve all heard about before. One of the most powerful, most honorable, and the most loved characters in the Star Wars universe. 

Did you know Luke Skywalker’s original name changed? He was supposed to be Luke Starkiller, son of Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala. 

Wouldn’t that have made the series quite different?

In honor of the original name, Starkiller used in The Force Unleashed video game series as the alias of Galen Marek — and he turned out to be just as good as Luke in the end.

But back onto Luke, can we take a moment to mention his memorable scene in The Last Jedi? The one where Kylo Ren unleashes his full firepower on him, and it barely leaves a scratch.


However, not as beautiful as this vaulted Funko would look on your shelf. Buy it while you still can! 

#19 — Star Wars Tusken Raider 

Tusker Vaulted Pop Star Wars

“I…I killed them. I killed them all. They’re dead, every single one of them. And not just the men, but the women and the children too. They’re like animals, and I slaughtered them like animals.” — Anakin Skywalker.

We can’t entirely quote Tusken Raider’s here, but we feel Anakin hones in on how nasty these beasts are. They’re one of the earliest aliens we see in A New Hope and are always causing trouble. 

They’re extremely territorial, but did you know they always travel single file to hide their numbers? Obi-Wan did, and it tells us that Tusken Raiders are smarter than we might realize.

Like E-3PO before, this is another oddball Funko to keep on your shelf. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. It’ll look great, and everyone knows the Tusken Raider’s when they see them. 

Be sure to buy one today.  

If they’re as territorial as they say, they’ll most certainly protect their space on your shelf. 

#51 — Tie Fighter Pilot

Tie Fighter Star Wars Funko Pop Vaulted

No quotes for this one because Tie Fighter pilots didn’t say much. But did they need to say much in the first place? We all know how menacing they were, without a single word spoken— and we all recognize them too.

They started as Clones like standard Stormtroopers but soon encompassed anyone who had the skills to pilot a Tie. They became the Imperial Navy’s backbone, and it was their appearance in the Battle above Yavin IV that started to make matters worse for the rebels. 

But enough on the pilot, let’s talk about the Tie Fighter itself. Did you know their iconic sound originally was not made for Star Wars? If you watch the 1958 film The Roots of Heaven, you might hear it there, too. 

Add these vaulted star wars Pops to your collection, and see if you can get a #221 Tie Fighter Pilot to go alongside it. Complete your Imperial Navy collection today!

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Toy collector blogger with 3+ years collecting funko pops. Believe it's okay for adults to collect toys and want to reduce the stigma. Follow @popandfigures on Twitter & Instagram.