It’s incredible how these little figurines, with their colossal head and little body took the toy world by storm. 

Are you looking for a place to buy funko pops? Buying cheap funko pops comes down to knowing where to look and having the right timing. 

The cheapest place to buy funko pops is Walmart. Walmart has the most in-stock at a time, discounts, and sales that make for good deals. However, the funko pops they do have on the shelves aren’t always the newest or latest pops. And the boxes are found open or damaged due to customers accidentally dropping them. 

How to Find Cheap Funko Pops; Use Our Funko Retailer Rating System

We’re always looking for online retailers or local comic book stores that sell funko pops for cheap. Unfortunately, finding cheap funko pops is hard to come by. 

However, that’s what makes Funko Pops hunting so much fun!

Nothing beats the thrill of finally laying hold on that pop you have been looking for and wanted for so long. Likewise, nothing sucks more than getting served a crunched-up or a damaged pop. 

To ensure you have the best Funko Pop hunting experience, we have looked into some of the best places to buy funko pops for you. 

Our rating system is on Cheapest and Quality, as we know fellow pop collectors care about both equally. We gave five stars for Cheapest vs. five stars for Quality. 

Why do funko pops come damaged when buying cheap pops? 

In most cases, the retail store employees aren’t the ones who damage the funko pops. Instead, it’s other customers who do it by accident in the store or those who deliver the pops because they have to make it fit. 

If you are an in-the-box pop collector, then the shipping and packaging quality is essential to you when buying a funko pop online. If you do not keep the box, you have more available places to pick it up. 

RetailerBuy If In Box Collector Buy If Out of Box Collector
Hot TopicYesYes
BoxLunch NoYes
AmazonYes Yes

You can easily avoid getting a damaged funko pop purchase by going in-person to the store to pick out the pop you’d like to buy. 

5 Best CHEAP Places to Buy Pops (In-Person and Online)

You’ll be surprised how many stores that sell buy funko pops.

Here’s a video of our fellow collector friends who also break down more details on what to look for when picking a place to buy funko pops from to build your collection.

1. Hot Topic – 5 Stars in Cheapest, 5 in Quality 

You guessed right. Our first choice of the best places to buy Pops in person is Hot Topic. Hot Topic has a horde of stock for different pops and has some of the best exclusives.

Their shipping is also suitable as their boxes come in protective covers. However, sometimes they provide their funko pops in bags and box sorters. While the box sorter does its job most of the time, you take a small amount of risk when having it shipped to your house. 

Of course, this does not mean that their pops are always 100% perfect. However, they are in much better condition than others.

You should visit your Hot Topic in person or do a store pick-up if possible because that allows you to avoid paying the $4.99 shipping. 

If you are looking to get a good deal too, your chances are higher with them. Using their Hot Cash card, you can get discounts for pops as much as $15 off of $30. 

If you can watch their website like a hawk when funko pop drops happen, you can get many cheap funko pops before they become rare and vaulted. Additionally, if you visit in person first, you can also experience the same thing. 

2. Box Lunch – 4 Stars in Cheapest, 4 Stars in Quality

Are you looking for a new pop? Then check out Box Lunch. They are known for always having a good selection of new Funko Pops in stock. A visit in the morning can help you track down a beloved chase or exclusive pop you’ve wanted. 

Likewise, they occasionally offer discounts. It usually comes in the form of what they call Lunch Money. With this, you can get three pops at the price of one and a half. 

When it comes to shipping with LunchBox, be careful as they often do not provide much packaging beans or bubble wrap, if any at all. Always go into the store if possible! 

3. GameStop – 5 Stars in Cheapest, 5 Stars in Quality

Have you just fallen in love with a character in a new movie and want a collection of it? One of the best places to buy this pop would be GameStop. They are known to usually have an exclusive of new movie characters, as well as convention exclusives. 

They are also known for their excellent customer service. And their pops are often in good shape and rarely damaged. Likewise, you can pre-order your pop online.

However, their pops are often a little bit more expensive. The good news, though, is that they usually offer sales a lot. You can get high-priced Funko Pops for a cheaper deal. Thanks to their ‘buy 3 get 1 free’ or ‘buy 2 get 1 free’ offers.

Additionally, they ship fast and do a great job packaging their pops. 

4. Target – 4 Stars in Cheapest, 4 Stars in Quality

Ranking fourth on our list is Target. It is one of the best places to buy pops for some apparent reasons. They often have a good selection of exclusive Funko Pops. The BrickSeek App even makes it easier to track down a chase pop or an exclusive.

Using the BrickSeek App, you can find out if your favorite pop is in stock. You have to type in the DPCI number, and it will help you locate the item. On the flip side, the pops at Target are often a little bit harder. Likewise, you cannot pre-order your pop online.

5. eBay – 3 Stars in Cheapest, 3 Stars in Quality

eBay is probably the best place to buy pops online, sporadic pops that are vaulted. They often come at great prices. To confirm this, always double-check the prices online. Likewise, read the details of the pop and check out the seller’s reviews.

However, buying online on or eBay can be quite dicey because these pops get delivered in pretty nasty conditions depending on who the seller is. 

The edges are either damaged or crunched up due to inadequate packaging. Worse still, eBay sometimes has package pops in envelopes! Watch out for those. 

Other great retailers, you can purchase from online or in-person! 

  • Walmart – 5 Stars in Cheapest, 2 Stars in Quality 
  • Best Buy – 4 Stars in Cheapest, 3 Stars in Quality 
  • Walgreens 3 Stars in Cheapest, 2 Stars in Quality 

Other Places You Can Buy Funko Pops Online or In-Person 

A common question funko pop collectors have when buying pops online is if a retailer is real or a scam? 

We put together a shortlist of credible and reputable online funko pop retailers you can trust. 

Are these online funko pop retailers legit? Yes. 

  1. Pop in a box
  2. 7 bucks a pop
  3. Entertainment earth
  4. Mercari
  5. WhatNot

Read more about other places to buy funko pops, look at our retailer’s buyers list. Additionally, a lot of pop collectors use social media like Instagram and Facebook groups to purchase pops. Also, always check on @dis.Funko for other retailers as they are a legit resource for fellow pop collectors. 

Be First In Line In-Person To Buy Cheap Funko Pops 

Funko Pops hunting is a lot of fun! And timing plays a big role in getting rare funko pops for cheap. 

Especially, when your pop is everything you imagined it to be when you finally buy it. To enjoy this thrill, you must know the best places to buy pops in-person or online.

However, buying in person still results in buying cheap pops. You get to avoid paying for shipping and you get to pick the quality of the funko pop. 



  • Pop And Figures

    Toy collector blogger with 3+ years collecting funko pops. Believe it's okay for adults to collect toys and want to reduce the stigma. Follow @popandfigures on Twitter & Instagram.

PopAndFigures Funko Pop Blog

Toy collector blogger with 3+ years collecting funko pops. Believe it's okay for adults to collect toys and want to reduce the stigma. Follow @popandfigures on Twitter & Instagram.