Miss a Funko Pop drop from the big box stores? These retailers got you covered! (Yes, even for store exclusives and con pops!)  Will dive into the best place to buy pops and explain why you should go outside of big retail stores to find the best deals. 

When buying Funko Pops, we typically go to big-box retailers such as Target, Walmart, and BestBuy. 

Except now more than ever, small businesses or online eCommerce stores need our support. You’ll be surprised how many deals you are missing out on if you only rely on the big-box retailers. 

Here’s a list in alphabetical order of 10 Best Funko Pop Retailers that should be on every collector’s browsing list. 

1. badger collectibles 

A Milwaukee based company slowly growing their online base, Badger Collectibles LLC sells guaranteed mint condition pops. The responsive owner makes this company’s customer service top tier, and customers can expect prompt updates on when their pops will ship.

You’ll find the following Funko products: Funko Pops, Funko Pop Pins, Funko Sodas,  and Wave Bundles. 

Let’s dive into the upsides and the downsides of shopping with this Funko Pop online retailer.


  • The owner has frequent and clear communication with his customers through his Facebook group about shipping dates, delays, and arrivals, and even sends a personal “thank you” email after each purchase.
  • This store also carries other store exclusives, including con pops, perfect for any missed drops. Also, all pops come in protectors.


The newer pops tend to come in after big box store arrivals, but this is not unusual for smaller pop sellers.

In summary – badger collectible’s unique advantage:

The owner regularly shares expected pop arrival dates and sometimes presales bundles before official announcements. For example, a Demon Slayer bundle was available late summer 2020 at retail price (currently sold out).

2. Big Apple Collectibles 

Funko Pop Online RetailerBig Apple Collectibles’ reputation varies on which pop collector you talk to, but there’s no denying they are a familiar name in pop purchasing circles. One of the stores with its own Funko exclusives, it’s worth a shot browsing their site for products.               

You’ll find the following Funko products: Funko Pops, Pop Protectors, Mystery Boxes, Funkoverse Strategy Game, Vaulted Pops, Dorbz, Hikari, Mystery Minis, Pop Keychains, Funko Rock Candy, Funko 5 Star, and Funko Plush.                       

Let’s dive into the upsides and the downsides of shopping with this Funko pop online retailer.


  • You can snag a variety of Funko products in one place.


  • Unless it’s their exclusive, shipping is notoriously slow, and customer service can be hit or miss.
In summary – Big Apple Collectible’s unique advantage:

Vaulted pops and Big Apple-exclusive Pops are a big bonus.

3. Chalice Collectibles

Funko Pop Retailer - Chalice Collectibles

An online company that also gets its exclusives from Funko, Chalice Collectibles provides an excellent resource for chase pops. While it won’t be at retail price as if you were finding your chase “in the wild,” Chalice’s prices are reasonable and give collectors a guaranteed chase purchase. 

Funko products for sale: Funko Pops, Pop Pins, Pop Protectors, Wave Bundles, Chase Bundles, Funko Sodas, Starter Mystery Boxes, and Mystery Boxes. 

Let’s dive into the upsides and the downsides of shopping with this Funko pop online retailer.


Great shipping and opportunity to purchase presale pop bundles eases the stress of grabbing new releases.


Mystery boxes are hit or miss, but this isn’t unusual. Chalk it up as part of the mystery box gamble.

In summary – Chalice collectible’s unique advantage:

They have one of the most popular mystery boxes from out of all funko pop online retailers. In fact, this is one of @PopAndFigures favorite mystery box retailers. Take a look at their chase bundles and store exclusive pops, along with genre-specific starter mystery boxes.

These Funko Pop mystery boxes happen consistently enough that it’s worth keeping an eye on their Instagram to know when they go on sale!

4. chrono toys

Funko Pop Toys

One of the only companies with a consistent mystery box schedule, Chrono Toys may not have it’s own Funko exclusives, but it boasts an excellent selection of pops that get sold out elsewhere.

Funko products for sale: Funko Pops, Mystery Boxes, Chase Bundles, and Vaulted Pops.

Let’s dive into the upsides and the downsides of shopping with this Funko Pop online retailer.


If you like mystery boxes, this is the store for you! Chrono Toys does weekly mystery boxes, high roller mystery boxes, and other specialty mystery boxes throughout the year. The best way to stay up to date on their mystery box sales is to follow their Instagram and watch their “stories.”


While they have exclusive pops that may get sold out elsewhere, the price tends to be slightly above retail, but it still skews lower than individual resellers.

In summary – chrono toy’s unique adventage:

The regular schedule of mystery boxes and various other store exclusives make Chrono Toys a site worth shopping.

5. entertainment earth

Another lucky Funko exclusive pop seller, Entertainment Earth, sells guaranteed mint condition pops and has regular deals and sales that are always worth a peek.

Funko products for sale: Funko Pops, Funko Action Figures, Funko Sodas, Pop Pins, Something Wild Pop Card Game, Pocket Pop Advent Calendars, Mystery Minis, Pop Keychains, Funkoverse Strategy Game, Pop Pez, and Funko Novelties.


Guaranteed mint condition, regular sales, and a “Just 1 Left” section give Entertainment Earth a reason to stay on your pop browsing list.


If you order a pop from here, have patience. Shipping takes a while, but it will eventually come.

In summary – entertainment earth’s unique advantage:

The “Deals and Sales” section and Entertainment Earth exclusive pops keep your collection affordable yet impressive.

6. Gemini Collectibles

Adding to the list of companies selling their own Funko exclusives, Gemini Collectibles is another excellent backup site for any con pops missed during initial drops. They also have a whole tab dedicated to chase variants!

Funko products for sale: Funko Pops, Dorbz, Funko Apparel, Funko Blox, Bulk Pop Purchases (cases of 6), Funko Force, Funko Hikari, Funko Legacy Figures, Funko 5 Star, Mystery Minis, Pop Pez, Funko Pint Size Heroes, Plushies, Funko ReAction, Funko Rock Candy, Funko Sodas, Funko Vinyl Idolz, and Funko Vinyl. 


The large variety of Funko products and the opportunity to get missed con pops keeps Gemini a relevant pop retailer.


Not all pops are at retail price, but any new pops and commons usually are, making this company another great pop resource.

In summary – Gemini Collectible’s unique advantage:

In addition to having chases, con pops, and bulk ordering, Gemini also has a deeply discounted damaged box and paint flaw section. Perfect money saver for out of box collectors or anyone needing a few practices runs on making custom pops. Another noted area is the “Protos” section, but none are available at this time (always worth a check back!).

7. Shumi Toys & Gifts

Shumi makes pop shopping simple with an easy to navigate site and good variety of Funko products. Another excellent website for picking up missed con pops, Shumi sells other store exclusive pops, making it one of the perfect pop drop backup sites. They are high on our Funko Pop retailers list for this exact reason! 

Funko products for sale: Funko Pops, Pop Protectors, 5 Star, Advent Calendar, Dorbz, Funkoverse, Mystery Minis, Keychain, Soda, Vinyl, and Plushies.


Shumi has a flat rate of $5 shipping for U.S. orders and lets you search for pops by price, so it’s the right place to look for an affordable gift for a pop enthusiast (including gifting yourself)!


Preorder pops can arrive much later than some other stores, but they do live Youtube updates on release dates that help dull the sting of delayed shipments.

In summary – Shumi Toys & Gift’s unique advantage:

Besides selling con and other store exclusive pops, Shumi has a consignment section lending to their ability to have a good variety.

8. spastic collectibles 


Rare, vaulted, or hard to find pops your thing? Spastic Collectibles will be the spot for you. A great place to purchase commons as well, Spastic has a variety of pops that are fun to browse. They also have a weekly drop called, well, “The Drop,” each Saturday at 8 p.m., where they release over 100 pops for sale. These pops range from high roller exclusives to sale price.

Funko products for sale: Funko Pops, Pop Pins, Funko Sodas, and Mystery Boxes.


The variety of new and old pops makes Spastic a nice spot to search for pops. They also ship all pops in their protectors – score!


“The drop” pops are all singles, so if you miss it… it’s gone.

In summary – Spastic Collectible’s unique advantage:

Mystery boxes and the Saturday night drop make this a fun website to browse and pick-up harder to find pops.

9. toydrops  

Toy Drops Funko Pop Collectibles

A simple and straight forward website, ToyDrops has a small variety of exclusives and, wait for it, free shipping!

Funko products for sale: Funko Pops, Funko Supercute Plush, and Pop Protector.


Free shipping and a pop protector included makes it a quick and easy buy.


A small variety of pops with few updates will leave collectors wishing there was a bit more.

In summary – ToyDrop’s unique advantage:

The random assortment of pops and free shipping makes Toydrops a worthy company to keep on the pop collecting radar.

10. toy tokyo  

ToyTokyo New York Store Funko Pops

Rounding out the list isToy Tokyo, a company that typically has its own con exclusives. While con drops’ timing stays shrouded in mystery, their regular pop selection is much more predictable and has a large variety of pops that could contain a missing piece to an incomplete set. One of the many great Funko Pop retailers worth checking out! 

Funko products for sale: Funko Pop, Pop Protectors, Dorbz, Hikari, Mystery Minis, Vinyl Idolz, Funko ReAction, Funko Rock Candy, and Funko Apparel.


For the most part, common pop prices are some of the lowest of all the websites, making Toy Tokyo a wallet-friendly option.


Almost contradictory to the upside, the downside is some common pops get priced to reflect their elusiveness in the market. If you notice a common is above Toy Tokyo’s usual price, check other websites before making the final purchase.

In summary – Toy Tokyo’s unique advantage:

Toy Tokyo’s con exclusive pops and many commons make them a perfect pop resource.

What funko pop retailers have we missed?

It’s worth looking at these pop retailers first before hunting at some of the big-box retailers, as you never know if you’ll find a better price or a better deal. Have you ever consider creating your own funko pop store? We wrote about how to start. 

Have you purchased from these companies before or have another one to add to the list? Share your experience below in the comments! Or let us know via Twitter @AnimePopChick and @PopAndFigures


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Pop collector, mostly anime but love all kinds! Engaged mom of two - Love books, anime, video games and all things nerdy Video game #BLM #loveislove Follow on twitter @AnimePopChick for more!