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How Much Does It Cost to Ship Funko Pops?

The majority of collectors have the following two questions: “How do you ship Funko Pops? ” and “How much does it cost to ship Funko Pops?”  Whether you are downsizing, trading, helping a friend, or wanting to become a frequent seller, most collectors end up shipping a pop at least once. However, shipping for the first time can feel a little intimidating.  What shipping company should you use? How much should you charge to cover shipping? Or even, what’s the best way to package a pop? Do not fret. We’re here to guide you through the process of shipping Funko Pops from start to finish! Guide to Shipping Funko Pops: Cost, Saving Tips and Packing Shipping Funko Pops comes down two main elements and doing each of them well. If you can execute these two pieces in harmony, your customer will receive a wonderful addition to their collection on time, with…

10 Reliable Funko Pop Retailers Outside of Big Box Stores

Miss a Funko Pop drop from the big box stores? These retailers got you covered! (Yes, even for store exclusives and con pops!)  Will dive into the best place to buy pops and explain why you should go outside of big retail stores to find the best deals.  When buying Funko Pops, we typically go to big-box retailers such as Target, Walmart, and BestBuy.  Except now more than ever, small businesses or online eCommerce stores need our support. You’ll be surprised how many deals you are missing out on if you only rely on the big-box retailers.  Here’s a list in alphabetical order of 10 Best Funko Pop Retailers that should be on every collector’s browsing list.  1. badger collectibles  A Milwaukee based company slowly growing their online base, Badger Collectibles LLC sells guaranteed mint condition pops. The responsive owner makes this company’s customer service top tier, and customers can…