Your collection is looking great! It’s neat, organized. Yet, there’s one problem. Your shelves are full, and you’ve cluttered your glass cabinets to the breaking point. It’s overwhelming. You’re running of space for funko pops and that’s a real problem. 

With new POP figures coming out every day, your collection will continue to grow. Yet, you find yourself staring at your displays with a furrowed brow, telling yourself, “what on earth do I do now?”

Fear not!

Here are some questions to ask yourself when facing this common problem (don’t worry, all collectors face this reality). And here are some fantastic tips that will help make your POP figure display look remarkable while you collect, collect, collect!

First, let’s declutter and make space for more funko pops.

You guessed it! We’re not talking about throwing away your POPS.

Instead, trim the unnecessary. You’re likely to have a few collectibles you’re willing to part ways with, and now is that time.

There are five vital questions you can ask yourself when running out of space for funko pops to help declutter:

  1. “Have I used this in the past three years?”
  2. “Does it still have a purpose?”
  3. “Do you enjoy this item more than anyone else would?”
  4. “Do you remember you had it?”
  5. “Is it still working properly?”

An item may have sentimental value attached to it, but it might also just be gathering dust. If you’ve not touched a collectible in three years, or even glanced at it, let it go in place of your brand new Funko POP!

For example, you have a vast DVD shelf in your space, but you own the same films in your Blu-Ray collection in the living room.

Combine this with the first question, and you’ll know for sure if something is ready to go! Wouldn’t that full DVD shelf look great with some POPS on it?

Here’s an example of why you should audit your existing collection.

You have a display of action figures in your collection. Your Hasbro Darth Vader looks fantastic, but it only costs you $20.00! It’s not the new Black Series Vader that you cherish with all of your heart.

Your kid brother doesn’t mind that, though, and he is desperate for a new toy! As great as your Hasbro Darth Vader looks, perhaps it’s time for it to go, and for you to earn some brownie points along the way!

Lastly, We’ve all come across collectibles we’ve forgotten we have owned. Sometimes, it can be an excellent find. But, ask yourself, “if I forgot I had it, how important can it be?”

Letting go is hard, but think about the Walmart Exclusive Hooded Killer Croc that could go in your “forgotten” item’s place!

You love your die cast Back to the Future DeLorean. But all the LED’s in it have blown! As heart-breaking as it may be, maybe it’s time for it to go. Your collection will thank you for it!

Always remember these collectibles are worth something!

Declutter doesn’t have to be throwing collectibles out. It can be a money earning activity and put some cash back into your pockets. Learn about these five uncommon ways to sell funko pops while you declutter to buy more funko pops. You’d be surprised how your collectibles may gather dust on your shelf but could be worth thousands!

Steps You Could Take To Solve This Problem Effort Cost
1. Declutter Medium Time
2. Buy More Shelves Low Time & Money
3. Find a different room Medium Time
4. Get a storage unit High Time & Money
5. Sell a portion of your existing collection Medium Time, + Money

Consider which Funko Pops you’d like to remove from your collection.

Running out of space for funko pops can be solved through auditing your collection.

Parting ways with your existing funko pops is tough. You’ve finished decluttering, but still, you have limited space. Perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to some of your older funko pops.

There may be some you’re bored looking at or feel like they’d be better in someone else’s collection. Reminder, always check to see if these funko pops are vaulted as they could be worth some solid dough, be sure to keep them!

Do you have a specific collection? Or Themed funko pop shelves?

Your Kingdom Hearts Funko POPS are looking great, but the Hermione Granger at the end stands out like a sore thumb. You could sell it on to someone who collects Harry Potter POPS!

You’ll make money and clear up space at the same time! Two for one!

… And then there’s the option that might hurt you. Take your Funko Pop’s out of their box.

I know, I know. The boxes are fantastic. But maybe they’re damaged.

You might have found a vaulted funko pop in the box or some common funko pops that have seen better days. It’s time to let these POPs out.

Funko Pops take up far less room outside of their box, and you don’t have to throw those boxes away! Put them in a storage container, ready for if ever you wish to sell your figures. You can display your POPs nicely on your mantelpiece without a box. They make great ornaments!

Buy more shelves to expand your collection.

When I display Funko POP figures, my top choice is Acrylic shelves because of how clean they look. Acrylic shelves are a fantastic option. They’re durable and weigh little, and you can buy some lovely dividers for them to make your collection shine!


By using more wall-space, you can make a nice organized display. You could even put your POPS in front of their respective boxes to make them stand out more! Consider getting a shelf around [23″ x22.64″ x3.74″].

Also, check out Display Geek’s range of shelves too! They’re made especially for Funko Pops. You can pick up a corrugated cardboard one on Amazon for a low price. We recommend getting one at least [21″ x21″ x7.5″]! These shelves can fit up to five Funko Pops per row!

If you don’t want to put anything up on your wall, we understand. Have you considered getting a bookcase? This is another alternative solution to running out of space for funko pops that collectors relay on.

Bush Furniture Salinas Bookcase For Funko Pops

Also consider Bush Furniture Salinas Bookcase. It has five shelves and comes in at [31.73″ x12.17″ x62.95″]. These shelves make it an excellent display for Funko POPS! You could have a different bookcase per series of Funko Pop’s you collect!

Find a Different Room or grab a Storage Unit.

You’re clenching your jaw because still, you have little room to store your Funko POPs. Perhaps now, it’s time to consider a different place. Another great alternative solution to solving the running out of space for funko pops problems. Which often feels like the relatable ‘this is fine’ meme at a time!

Your collection may be in the house’s smallest room, while you have a larger room not used for much. It’s a lot of work, but you might find yourself better off by moving your collection to that larger room.

You could also display your collection across multiple rooms. It’s great having everything in one place, but have you ever watched those YouTube videos where a collector gives a tour of their entire house? You always sit there in envy. That could be you someday!

And finally, we need to look at opening storage units. It’s not as glorious as showing off your collection to the entire world, but if you can’t make space, ponder it. A standard unit can cost anywhere between $60-$180 a month, but if you have the extra money and can’t bear the thought of parting with any of your Funko POPS, it may be an option. Think of it as a temporary investment while you look for a larger living space.

Be sure to post a comment below with your tips on how you work with limited space, and subscribe to our email for bi-weekly display inspiration!


  • Pop And Figures

    Toy collector blogger with 3+ years collecting funko pops. Believe it's okay for adults to collect toys and want to reduce the stigma. Follow @popandfigures on Twitter & Instagram.

PopAndFigures Funko Pop Blog

Toy collector blogger with 3+ years collecting funko pops. Believe it's okay for adults to collect toys and want to reduce the stigma. Follow @popandfigures on Twitter & Instagram.