The first time you’ve seen a flocked funko pop must have been memorable. Now more than ever, Pokémon funko pops are growing in popularity and becoming ‘exclusives pops‘ announced during upcoming conventions. We wanted to share a list of flocked Pokémon funko pops that you’ll need to get your hands on if you see them in the wild. 

Have you seen the diamond Charmander funko pop? It continues to rise in value, and if it’s anything like the Pokémon cards, in a few years from now, they could be worth 1,000s. The same goes for the flocked funko pops, especially the starter Pokémon; Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. 

However, flocked Pokémon funko pops are taking over these days. Squirtle-flocked game stop only exclusive is a pop that everyone wants their hands on before it’s too late. 

Why Collect Pokémon Flocked Funko Pops Before It’s Too Late?

Pokémon is a high collectible franchise.  These funko pop collectibles will not only give you a sense of pride for you and your friends to admire, but it is also an asset. Pop vinyl toys help fans enjoy their favorite tv series, such as Pokémon more.  

Pokémon movie lovers know that beyond just enjoying a fun movie, there are many lessons to learn that will last a lifetime. Aside from the many lessons rooted in these movies, some of which include; togetherness, strong bonds, and building lasting relationships, some fun characters are now rare flocked funko pops, and we have compiled them for you.

The joy of having these characters come alive in your office spaces or homes is indescribable, and we also understand that feeling.

Here’s a list of flocked pops that you’ll want to keep an eye out for when visiting your local retailers:  

1. Charmander ECCC Flocked Pop

Charmander Flocked Pop

“Those in the know say that is the best way to go.”

Charmander is a sweet Pokémon, but it is feisty nonetheless. 

It is also one that is very impatient and doesn’t let itself get rushed.

In the movie season two in episode ten, it is evident that the Charmander is also essential to Ash. Ash had to seek help to blast a hole into a wall of snow.

Also, in its selflessness, the Charmander provided warmth for Ash and the rest of the Pokémon.

Funko pop Charmander’s flocked are very rare to find and are exclusive to collectors too. The contrast in the character of Charmander is enough reason for you to get one for yourself.


2. Pichaku NYCC Flocked Pop

Pikachu Pop

“My problem is that I push people away, and I hate them for leaving.”

Is it not funny how we can all relate to this quote? When we all have conflicting emotions about the people, we love and hold dear, how we can want them so bad and then not want them at all. And when they are not around, we miss them for not being there?

Pichaku, with his yellow mouse-like feature, reminds us of how vulnerable we are as humans and how dynamic we can be in our complexities.

Pikachu is dependable, intelligent, curious, and loves to fight as much as Ash does. His fighting strength lies in his ability to generate electricity from his tail that is the shape of a lightning bolt. Pikachu’s strength and tenacity to fight are well-known, especially when he stops Mimikyu from ruining the entire city.

Although a small creature, Pichaku is strong and is a reminder that feelings do not equate to weakness. It would help if you had a Pikachu Funko Pop to remind you of this daily.


 3. Bulbasaur SDCC Con Sticker 2020 Flocked Pop

“You don’t need to evolve to be stronger; believe in yourself and never give up.” 

Although a small amphibian-like plant creature, the Bulbasaur is an essential part of the Pokémon series. No gender has been attributed to it like the movie lovers and game would like to believe, yet, it is one of Ash’s longest companions.

Bulbasaur is robust and easy to maintain. They also have strong immunity and are an inspirational set of creatures.

Need I tell you another reason why you need to have a Pokémon Bulbasaur con sticker?


4. MewTwo SDCC Sticker 2020 Flocked Pop

MewTwo Flocked Pop

Being overwhelmed doesn’t mean you are weak or incapable; we just need a long while to recharge sometimes.”

Isn’t it just confirmed that we sometimes do not pay attention to our bodies until it gives way sometimes, and in that moment of imposed rest, we think that we are weak?

How good it will be to have Mewtwo tell us that what we need is just rest so that we can recharge. 

The character Mewtwo is one of the most vigorous opponents in Pokémon, and fans agree that it is the hardest and strongest to catch or defeat.


5. Vulpix SDCC Con Sticker 2020 Flocked Pop

Vulpix Flocked Pop

If there was an image for as you evolve, you grow fiercer, then the Vulpix will be.

A foxlike creature was born with only one tail and evolved with six tails. It can manipulate fire and create wisps that are often mistaken for human ghosts.

The Vulpix generates fire inside it and can spit out some of it to regulate its body temperature.

It also can feign injury when it’s with a fiercer and more intimidating enemy.

The flocked Vulpix con sticker is a rare one and a must-have, as it is a constant reminder that as we evolve, we should also be brighter.

6. Pichu Wondercon Flocked Pop

Pichu Flocked Pop

Big things come in small packages and the Pichu, as yellow and cute as it is, is also powerful.

Although it is lighter than the Pikachu and smaller, it also has fighting and electricity-generating abilities.

The Pichu eventually evolves into the Pikachu with friendship and bond. 

7. Growlithe Flocked Pop

Growlithe Flocked Pop

Growlithe is known for his loyalty to his master. He’s always ready to fight off any enemy, no matter how big or fierce they look. We all need someone who will be loyal to us.

Loyalty forms real friendships and assures us that we can count on who we have in our lives. That protective and loyal instinct is what makes it a fascinating and sweet character. 

Pokémon Flocked Pops Are Expected to Increase in Value

It’s only a matter of time when some of the starter Pokémon become vaulted. You’ll be ahead of the game, and you’ll have the funko pops others will want most. 

Remember when people would say that Pokémon cards were worthless? They are selling for a very premium price, which will be the same case for these flocked pops.  

If you’ve enjoyed this list of exclusive funko pops, then you may also find some excitement in our 12 Rare Vaulted Harry Potter Funko Pop List we have compiled for you.






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    Toy collector blogger with 3+ years collecting funko pops. Believe it's okay for adults to collect toys and want to reduce the stigma. Follow @popandfigures on Twitter & Instagram.

PopAndFigures Funko Pop Blog

Toy collector blogger with 3+ years collecting funko pops. Believe it's okay for adults to collect toys and want to reduce the stigma. Follow @popandfigures on Twitter & Instagram.