Everyone knows about myths and legends, but we bet that you didn’t know there is a whole collection of mythic creatures in Funko called Funko Pop Myths. That’s precisely why we are here to tell you about the Funko Pop Myths Collection and what makes them unique.

What is a Myth Funko Pop? 

A monster, story, or legend that’s well-known can become a Myth, and ever since, Funko introduced a pop line dedicated to them. 

Sometimes a myth can be called a tale, and each is told during early history around campfires late at night. Popular myths are Chupacabra, Medusa, Loch Ness monster, and each has powerful meanings or lessons. 

Funko launched their Myths pop line in 2015, making the majority of their exclusive collection vaulted. To learn more about vaulted funko pops we’ve written an article about them in more depth:  Do Vaulted Pops Increase in Value Over Time?

Here is the Myths Funko Pop List that you should go for:

 1. Chupacabra – Funko (Exclusive)

Chupacabra Funko

In Latin American folklore, Chupacabra is a hideous monster that hunts and sucks the blood of animals. The name is a combination of the Spanish terms Chupar (“to suck”) and Cabra (“goat”), and it translates as “goat-sucker.” 

Physical accounts of the monster differ, with some characterizing it as more dog-like (especially in the Southwest). In contrast, the others described it as reptile and alien-like (in Puerto Rico and Latin America). It’s a monster size dog, with spines running from the neck to the base of the tail.

Funko Pop has captured all the attributes and made this pop. With some scales on the shoulders, dog-like features, hairless in some parts, and spine popping out.

2. Kraken – Funko (Exclusive)

Kraken Funko

Who doesn’t know about the giant sea monster from famous movies like Pirates of the Caribbean! Kraken is the only sea monster myth that most people are afraid of and hostile. The current depiction of Kraken on Scandinavian folklore, which is cephalopod-like.

One of the best things about this Funko Pop is the attention to detail. You will see that Kraken is holding a Viking ship. Where did Vikings come from, and why? They came from Scandinavia! From where this legendary monster’s lore started!

3. Loch Ness Monster – Funko (Exclusive)

Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness monster is perhaps one of the most mystic creatures because its sightings were too brief. It comes out of the water and then returns but tries to harm/eat a human in a couple of sightings. Also, its description matches a dinosaur species known as Plesiosaurus.

The first sighting of the Loch Ness monster included a priest, where he showed the monster his cross, after which the monster ran away. However, scientists have checked the River Ness for any signs of Plesiosaurus species but found nothing. 

4. Cyclops – Funko (Exclusive)

Cyclops Funko Pop

Cyclops or Cyclops are gigantic one-eyed monsters from Greek and later Roman mythology. Cyclopes classify into three groups: Hesiodic, Homeric, and wall-builders. The Cyclopes are the three brothers, Brontes, Steropes, and Arges, sons of Uranus and Gaia, who created Zeus’s signature weapon, the thunderbolt, in Hesiod’s Theogony. 

The Cyclopes are an uncivilized group of shepherds in Homer’s Odyssey; one of them, Polyphemus, the son of Poseidon, is encountered by Odysseus. Cyclopes were also known for constructing the Cyclopean walls of Mycenae and Tiryns.

5. Medusa – Funko (Exclusive)

Medusa Monster Myth

Medusa is the most prominent of the Gorgon monsters in Greek mythology. She’s a winged female figure with snake hair, unlike the Gorgons, also known for being lovely.

Medusa shows up in various stories, with the older ones depicting her as a horrible monster and the modern ones portraying her as a “misunderstood girl.” Some think she was born a monster, while others believe she transformed into one. 

The only certain facts about Medusa were that she possessed snakes for hair and could turn items or people into stone; these are the most reliable Medusa facts.

6. Sphinx – Funko (Exclusive)

Sphinx Myths

In Greek mythology, the Sphinx is the haunches of a lion, the wings of a bird, and a woman’s head. 

Also, the Greeks who write about Egypts described Sphinx as having a serpent-headed tail. In myth, she is deceitful and vicious, willing to murder and consume those who cannot solve her riddle. 

So perhaps you can answer her earliest riddle, “What is it that has one voice and yet becomes four-footed and two-footed and three-footed?”

7. Gnome – Funko (Exclusive)

Gnome Myths Funko

Gnomes are a widely distributed species that are known to a variety of human races. Gnomes are said to have originated in Scandinavia and traveled to the lowlands around 1500 years ago. This myth monster comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most prevalent is the Forest Gnome, which rarely interacts with humans. 

The Garden Gnome is a gnome that lives in ancient gardens and likes narrating sad stories. Dune Gnomes are significantly more giant than their forest counterparts and dress in unusually dismal garb.

House Gnomes are the most knowledgeable about man, frequently speaking his language. Gnome Kings come from this family. Farm Gnomes are similar to their House counterparts, although they are more conservative in their demeanor and attire. Siberian Gnomes are more interbred than other Gnomes and readily interact with trolls. 

They are substantially more significant than the other varieties and have far more vicious personalities. However, one of the most notable traits of Gnomes is their intelligence which is why they can build and uphold society quite well. 

A physical trait you will rarely miss is that male Gnomes grow beards at quite an early age, turning white.

8. Jackalope – Funko (Exclusive)

Jackalope Funko Myths

The Jackalope of Douglas, Wyoming, is one of the most exciting and perplexing cryptids to have developed in America. The Jackalope is a legendary animal from North American mythology characterized as a jackrabbit with antelope horns. 

The term jackalope is a combination of jackrabbit and antelope. 

According to legend, jackalopes are so deadly that hunters are encouraged to wear stovepipes on their legs to avoid getting gored. Also, as per mythology, the Jackalope can mimic human speech. 

Stories explained that if the Jackalope served their favorite drink, whiskey, it might entice them to approach humans voluntarily — and then get trapped.

9. Bigfoot – Funko (GITD Exclusive)

Bigfoot Glow in Dark Funko Pop

Bigfoot, sometimes known as Sasquatch, is a rumored ape-like monster that lives in the forests of North America. It’s a cultural symbol in the fringe subculture of cryptozoology and an enduring part of popular culture. 

Although the term “Bigfoot” refers to various cryptids seen across the world, it is most generally used to denote the North American Sasquatch. 

Several, like the yeti, often referred to as the abominable snowman, live in Nepal, India, and Tibet, while Yeren is said to live in Hubei, China.

10. Asia Kuchisake Bloody – Funko (Exclusive)

Asia Kuchisake Bloody Myths

Kuchisake-Onna is a yokai from Japan. The term yokai means Japanese spirit or an East Asian ghost. 

She is a lady disfigured by her spouse and has reincarnated as an evil spirit. She emerges to lonely travelers on the road at nightfall, covering her deformed lips. As per the tale, youngsters traveling alone in the dark may encounter a woman wearing a surgical mask, which is not uncommon in Japan because people wear masks to shield everyone else from their colds or illnesses. 

The scary part is she asks questions, and no answer can save the victim. The first question is, “Am I pretty?” If you say no, then she will kill you with her scissors, and if you say yes, then she will reveal her lips and then ask, “How about now?” 

If your answer is no, you’ll get cut in half, but if you say yes, she will slit your mouth like hers.

Why Funko Myth Pops are better than other figures

Funko Myth Pops are better than other figures because they discontinued these a long time ago and Funko.Inc made only a few. Combining it with the amount of research and detail that made each Funko Myth Pop is tremendous because they have to be accurate to their lore and legend. 

Lastly, all other Funko Pop characters can have multiple variations, but Funko Myth Pops cannot because of the lore limitations. 

Each Myth Pop should have specific characteristics which would make them accurate. So never miss out on any of these Myth Funko Pops, and if you don’t know where to start from this Myths Funko Pop List, try and research more about each Mythic character. 

The recommended starters would be Kraken, Medusa, and Sphinx.

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Toy collector blogger with 3+ years collecting funko pops. Believe it's okay for adults to collect toys and want to reduce the stigma. Follow @popandfigures on Twitter & Instagram.