What are the best vaulted glow-in-the-dark Funko Pops for collectors? We’ve outlined the top pops any fan would appreciate having in their collection. 

What Makes Vaulted GITD Chase Funko Pops Expensive? 

Pop figures which are vaulted become challenging to obtain and especially, glow-in-the-dark pops. As a result, the majority of collectors need to trade other high in-demand pops for those pops.

Or they find themselves a friend who works in retail that has access to pre-order or put aside the pops ahead of time. 

Our Vaulted Glow In the Dark Chase Funko Pops List 

As the marketplace changes and collectors taste over time becomes different, we expect this compiled list of 10 vaulted pops will change. 

However, we have seen high demand for these pops and would recommend adding them to your collection if you see them around. 

Let’s dive into it. 

1. Baymax With Mochi Chase – Glow In The Dark Box Lunch Exclusive Funko Pop

Baymax With Mochi Chase Pop

“You have been a good boy, Have a lollipop!” – Baymax. 

Fans of ‘Big Hero 6: The Series’ find the Baymax and Mochi pop adorable and very relatable. Baymax is watching over the family cat Mochi. 

Read more info about this Disney character: 

Baymax and Mochi | Disney Wiki | Fandom

2. The Immortal Hulk Marvel 6″ Avengers 2021 GLOW IN THE DARK CHASE NEW

Immortal Hulk Chase Funko Pop

“That’s my secret, Cap. I’m always angry,” – Hulk. 

The Hulk is known for smashing everything in his path and especially when he’s angry. Are you a Hulk fan? He’s entirely green, making this funko pop a must-have since the glow takes over his entire body.  

Read more info about this Marvel character: 

Immortal Hulk | Hulk Wiki | Fandom

3. Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees Glow In the Dark Chase #01

Jason GITD Chase Funko

“You’re going to Camp Blood, ain’t ya?” – Jason. 

Jason Voorhees makes horror entertaining during the holiday season. Starting off stalking and killing the other characters, adding mystery to every murder makes for a rough camp experience. 

However, Jason’s mask glows perfectly and doesn’t disappoint horror fans. 

Read more info about this Horror character: 

Jason Voorhees | Friday the 13th Wiki | Fandom

4. Corpse Bride Skeleton Glow in the Dark Chase #988 

Corpse Bride Chase Pop

“I’ve got a… I’ve got a dwarf, and I’m not afraid to use him!” – Victor Van Dort.

Read more info about this Horror character: 

Victor Van Dort | Tim Burton Wiki | Fandom

5. Michael Myers Limited Edition CHASE Glow in the Dark #03 

Michael Myers Chase Funko

“You must be ready for him… If you don’t, it’s your funeral.” – Michael Myers. 

Michael Myers murders his elder sister and doesn’t stop there. An iconic figure in slasher films. Myers broke out of the asylum and started his killing spree murdering multiple teenagers. 

Collectors love the glow because it enhances his details and the overall paint.  

Read more info about this Horror character: 

Michael Myers | Halloween Series Wiki | Fandom

6. Elvira Mummy Glow in the Dark Exclusive Chase Edition Mistress #542 

Elvira Mummy Chase Pop

“If you find someone that you think is your soul-mate, someone you could potentially spend the rest of your life with, why ruin it by staying together?” – Elvira Mummy. 

Elvira Mummy brings a lot of sexuality to the horror movie moments. She’s an iconic figure, and most know her as the mistress of the dark. But, did you know she was born in Manhattan? So, this figure represents her well and isn’t easy to get. 

Read more info about this Horror character: 

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark | Horror Film Wiki | Fandom

7. Naruto Hokage Glow In The Dark Chase BORUTO #724 AAA

Naruto Hokage Chase Pop

“I am strong because I have people to protect.” – Naruto as Hokage. 

Naruto, all grown up, is surprising. He’s calm and highly respected, along with powerful as well. Remember when he was just a kid and getting into trouble? It’s incredible how far Naruto as a Hokage came and how he accomplished his goal. 

His entire body glows Yellow, the same color the 6-tails is within him. 

Read more info about this Anime character: 

Hokage | Narutopedia | Fandom

8. Super Saiyan 2 Goku PX Exclusive Chase GITD #865

Super Saiyan 2 Goku Chase Glow In The Dark Funko

“It’s always exciting to go head-to-head with you!” – Goku. 

Goku is a hero and saves the world. He’s always looking to push past his limits and trains harder than anyone else. In dragon ball z super, he puts earth at risk because he wants to participate in a tournament to face other planets. He’s goofy and powerful. 

Which Super Saiyan do you like best? The glow represents his super Saiyan 2 form. 

Read more info about this Anime character: 

Super Saiyan 2 Goku | Dragon Ball Z Wiki | Fandom

9. Spider-Man Glow in the Dark Chase LE 1000 Units  

Spider Man Glow In The Dark Chase Pop

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Spider-man.  

A memorable scene is when Spider-man lost his grandpa and soon after gained these incredible powers. Are your spidey senses tickling? It’s a great pop that’s a limited edition with only 1,000 pieces ever made. 

Read more info about this Marvel character: 

Spider-Man Wiki | Fandom

10. Marvel X-Men DARK PHOENIX #413 Chase

Funko Marvel x Men

“You are not broken.” – Dark Phoenix. 

Jean absorbs energy and later finds out that it’s a part of the dark Phoenix power, which is the source of life and, according to Vuk. 

Her hair glows nicely and is a feature that collectors enjoy about this pop figure. 

Read more info about this Marvel character: 

Dark Phoenix | Marvel Movies | Fandom

Read More About Our Funko Pop Lists

These are the ten vaulted Glow In The Dark Chase funko pops that you should have. If you see them on eBay or Facebook communities, it’s worth adding them to your collection. 

Do you have any vaulted pops? Which are your favorites? When we asked other collectors what they liked most about their collection, they all said their vaulted funko pops. 

Not only because of the value that they have but also because they know it’s limited. 

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