Is it okay to put a funko pop into a fish tank? It’s a great idea to decorate your aquarium with cool Funko Pops like Aquaman, which can go with the underwater theme. 

However, knowing the risks or benefits of adding funko pops into aquariums is essential. We go in-depth on ways to display funko pops in aquariums and recommendations on what to prevent doing. 

Will the paint on Funko wear off, and will the chemicals of Pop destroy the aquarium or harm the fish? Don’t worry, as we will explain all the risks and how you can do it safely!

Can Funko Pops Go Into a Fish Tank?

You can put your Funko Pops in a fish tank; however, you should take appropriate measures to avoid harming the fish. For example, apply waterproof 100% silicone transparent sealant onto your pop figures before adding them will reduce damage. 

Otherwise, you will pollute your aquarium, which could be toxic to the fish inside. 

Risks of Putting Funko Pop in Your Aquariums


There are multiple risks with Funko Pops in aquariums which can lead to a polluted fish tank, harm the fish, and also decrease the value of the Funko Pop:

  • The paint wearing off the Funko will start floating in the tank.
  • Funko Pops are plastic, and with time there are chances the micro particles of the plastic can start floating in the aquarium.
  • Some Funko Pops have additional items made up of material that can easily dissolve/disintegrate in water.

These are some of the potential risks of putting Funko Pops in water.

There is a lot of attention paid to fish tanks and aquariums. However, temperature-controlled water with the optimum pH levels and, in certain circumstances, more complex water needs are necessary for tropical fish to thrive in captivity. 

Action figures may wreak havoc with the delicate balance of the aquarium, along with that they can also poison the fish. 

Based on the material used, the action figure’s effect on the fish might range from making them uneasy to harming them. Many of the materials that construct a typical action figure are not suitable for use in a fish tank. 

Metal screws, springs, and other materials keep various sections of the figure together, and the plastic used to form the figures and the paint and stickers that decorate them.

Fish in your aquarium may be at risk if you place your Pop without proper measures.

How Do I Make My Action Figure Aquarium Safe?

The question arises, what do you need to use to place your Figures in aquariums? Start by using Waterproof 100% Silicone Transparent. Next, you need to apply Silicone Sealant to your Funko Pop before adding it to the water, keeping the paint from wearing off in the water and the plastic. 

It is a time-consuming and unpleasant task but essential if you want to keep your fish alive.

Here’s a video explaining all you need to know about adding funkos into fish tanks:

Our written instructions are below:

Step 1: Applying Sealant

Here are the steps to apply the sealant properly:

  1. Place your Funko Pop figurine on a towel or a newspaper during this stage to prevent it from sticking to a table or newspaper. 
  2. Squeeze the tube over the Funko and let a ‘blob’ of aquarium-safe sealant flow out. 
  3. Sealant should be applied on the Pop using a butter knife or other blunt item and not your hands. Cover the complete Funko Pop with the sealant.
  4. Apply multiple coats of the sealant.
  5. Give your Pop some breathing time. For this phase, it’s preferable to wait at least 24 hours to ensure the proper application of a sealant on your Funko.

Avoid getting any sealant onto your skin while working with the product. To make things easier, we recommend wearing rubber gloves when doing this. 

If you do happen to get any sealant on you, you should remove it as soon as possible with a paper towel and warm water.

Step 2: Placing the Funko Pop in Aquarium

After correctly applying the sealant on your Pop, you are ready to place it in your aquarium! But before you do, remember that your Pop will not stay in place without a fish-tank decoration that can support its weight. 

There are two ways to add weight to the Funko Pop so that it stays at the bottom of the aquarium:

  • Placing the Funko Pop in the sand, stones, or whatever you used to decorate the base of the aquarium. The weight of the items on Funko’s feet will keep it down.
  • You can stick the Funko Pop to a decoration piece using a sealant.

The Funko Pop will float in a tank if you don’t give it something to stand on like a decoration piece. So next, apply the sealant to Funko Pop’s feet and place it on the decoration piece. 

You should at least hold it in that position for five minutes before putting them in your aquarium.

You can add your funko to your aquarium after 24 hours of incubation. Ensure that it is visible to show off your Funko Pop Fish Tank! 

Note: If you want to avoid applying sealant again as you did with Pop, make sure the décor you choose is aquarium-safe. Moreover, there is no need to worry about Pop not standing straight because of the sealant. 

It’s almost impossible to apply sealant on an imperfect surface without smearing it. 

Keep in mind that keeping your fish clean and healthy is more important than having a tidy Funko Pop.

Step 3: Keeping Track of Funko Pop, Fish & Aquarium

Lastly, keep an eye on the Pop during the first several weeks after being installed. 

Remove the Pop as soon as you detect the sealant (or the paint) peeling off. Then, apply a sealant to the affected area.

You should be fine to go as long as there are no apparent problems with the Pop or the wellness of your fish. 

Your fish will be happy, and your Pop will look great for years if you go through this procedure correctly.

Should You Place Funko Pops in Aquariums?

Yes, some of the Funko Pops look amazing and add immensely to the theme, like Aquaman or Spongebob Funko Pop if you have his pineapple tree as a decoration. There are unlimited possibilities with Funko Pop Fish Tank! 

Moreover, Funko Pops have superb material like the paint doesn’t wear off quickly even if you boil it, but to be on the safe side, we recommend you use sealants.

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Toy collector blogger with 3+ years collecting funko pops. Believe it's okay for adults to collect toys and want to reduce the stigma. Follow @popandfigures on Twitter & Instagram.