Do you want to display your funko pops differently? Common question collectors have ‘how to hang a funko pop on the wall?’ or ‘how to hang a funko pop on a ceiling?’. 

We’re going to share multiple methods for getting your funko pops or action figures hung properly. 

Moreover, we listed the different ways to showcase funko pops when hanging them on walls or from the ceiling. 

But, first, we will want to tackle how we prevent damaging our figures when hang funko pops on the walls? 

Let’s dive in. 

How to Hang Funko Pops on Walls Safely

The best way to hang funko pops on a wall safely without damaging the outer box, or the figure itself is by using the ‘Floating Pops’ approach. When displaying floating funko pops, it’s all about how you position the box on the wall that makes the desired perspective without actually messing up the box itself. 

Floating Pops have a variety of advantages over other methods because here, you decide the dimensions, spacing, and heights. 

Floating Funko Pops with Push Pins

Additionally, Floating Pops’ name is catchy and quite magical, but all these qualities increase when someone sees your Funko Pop hanging on a wall with no support. 

Now, all this is superb, but there are some limitations to this which will be self-explanatory. Moreover, these are easier to replace or rearrange, unlike shelves. 

However, the only downside to this is that these are less strong and durable, unlike shelves. Fair warning that this approach could lead to a funko pop failing if not applied correctly. 

Method #1: Use Push Pins or Thumbtacks To Hang Pops 

What you will need:

  • Four thumb pins/ push pins (Alternate mentioned below)
  • Any material thicker than paper but slim enough to slide in the Funko Pop’s box when closed

Remember to create the floating illusion; you need to choose all the required materials to be the same color as your wall. 

For example, transparent thumb pins sometimes will seem white depending on their material or the contrast with the color of the walls. 

So it is better to choose the pins matching the wall’s color. Here is how you can make your Funko Pops float:

  1. Hold your Funko Pop box along the wall.
  2. Insert two thumb pins underneath the box in the wall. The pins will act as a base for your Funko Pop to stand on.
  3. Now, take the paper and slide it into the gap between the box’s lids. The paper should at least half be outside, and half should be inside it.
  4. Insert two thumb pins inside the paper and the wall.
  5. The paper acts as a wedge to support your Funko Pop box. To show off your Pop as well, you can take it out of the box and put it on your Funko Pop box. The Funko Pop will seem to hang without any support.

Pros of using thumbtacks/pins:

  • Removing the pins is easy. 
  • Reattaching, moving, aligning are hassle-free.
  • Will not damage the physical box. 

Method #2: Use Double-Sided Tape To Hang Pops

The second way of making your Pops float is using double-sided tape. You have to add two of these on each end of the box’s back and stick it on the wall. 

Here are the pros of using double-sided tape:

  • Hassle-free attachment.
  • Stronger tape means more challenging for the Funko to fall.
  • More accessible than using push pins.

Let’s also discuss what other ways you can hang funko pops: 

1. How to Hang a Funko on Mirror Properly 

Hanging a Funko on Mirror can be done using Method number 2 under the Floating Pops section. It requires double-sided tapes that you can use to attach the Funko to the mirror. 

If you want to use mirrors for aesthetic reasons, you can go for glass case shelves.

There are some beautiful glass case shelves, but most of them require someplace for you to put on, like a bookcase or other shelves. Some of these shelves even have built-in LED lights that can change color.

2. How to Hang Action Figures From the Ceiling

When you hand action figures from the ceiling, two recommended methods are using double-sided tape or thumbtacks. Each option is affordable; however, deciding which one you should use for your action figure depends on the size. 

For example, funko pop boxes are 8.07 x 5.67 x6.53 and would work best if you used thumbtacks. However, for a mini funko pop or a Mattel figure, using double-sided tape works best.  We go into more detail with our article on How much do Funko Pops weigh? as well. 

If you go for the stands, remember that they are suitable for the standard size, not large or mini. 

Why Using Shelves Prevents Figures From Falling

Shelves are a superb way to display your stunning Pops, especially those with Funko exclusive stickers, as they are the ones everyone wants. The floating Pops method is a complete DIY, whereas shelves are partially that depending on what type you use.

Bookcase for Funko Pops

Floating Pops is kind of mesmerizing, but shelves have a couple of advantages that make these a great choice. First, the arrangement and the symmetry in shelves are unbeatable. 

You can arrange your Pops height-wise, ascending order of Funko exclusive sticker Pops or your favorites. But whatever you choose, your collection will look amazing.

Pros vs. Cons; Use Shelves Instead of Hanging Funko Pops

The only downside to shelves is that they take up more space than the Floating Pops.

There are a couple of answers on how to hang Funko Pop using shelves because of the sheer amount of types there are:

  1. Bookcase
  2. Display shelves
  3. Rising shelves
  4. Funko Pop themed shelves
  5. Glass case shelves

Most of the shelves you have or buy do not require many tweaks. However, some of the display shelves will require you to use some nails, and rising shelves will need you to set the gap between the boards.

Why Bookcases Can Be An Alternative To Hanging Pops

If you go for a bookcase, then you can put average-sized Funko Pops in there, but some of the super-sized ones might not fit, and there might be a lot of empty spaces. Especially, an alternative to when you hang funko pops on walls. 

Going for a bookcase option is more accessible as most of you already have this at home or get it at cheaper rates. But if you want to showcase to the best extent, then you should go for other options. 

For example, display shelves are almost like rising shelves but without the support of a stand. 

Instead, you have to place these in the wall using nails or screws. Make sure that this shelf is straight; otherwise, it would not give an excellent impression. 

Rising shelves are a more accessible and more aesthetic option for many as it looks symmetrical and is hassle-free to manage.

Friendly Reminders for Hanging Action Figures 

We hope you enjoyed learning about the different methods used to hang funko pops  on walls. 

In summary, we wanted to provide a few general collector tips to help you hang your Funko Pops irrelevant of what type of method you use:

  1. Remember to place the highest Funko Pop on your eye level if you display a selected amount of Pops.
  2. Using LED strips is an easy to add style to your collection.
  3. Place the heaviest or largest Funko Pops at the bottom of the shelves. (In case they fall, minor damage to them and other Pops or the person they fall on)
  4. DIY solutions are superb but look at the display shelves from Funko themselves or Amazon and eBay.

If you’ve enjoyed these collector tips on how to display your funko pops, then take a look at some other articles we wrote: 


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PopAndFigures Funko Pop Blog

Toy collector blogger with 3+ years collecting funko pops. Believe it's okay for adults to collect toys and want to reduce the stigma. Follow @popandfigures on Twitter & Instagram.