We always get questions from collectors on funko pop grails and wanted to put together a guide to help you better understand. Learn more about the definitions and jargon collectors use when describing expensive funko pops.

A Funko Pop Grail is a highly sought-after funko pop due to its scarcity and difficulty in adding it to your collection. While a funko pop grail can be subjective to the collector, it’s the one Funko Pop you’d place on a pedestal and hold in the highest of esteems. It’s in high demand yet, at the same time — low in supply. It’s a rare funko pop that others wish they’d have in their collection. 

A Funko Pop Grail can cost as much (or as little) as you’d like. However, like the Holy Grail of Arthurian legend, generally speaking, Funko Pop grails are the epitome of your collection. 

In most cases, a Funko Pop grail is the following:

  • Vaulted.
  • Worth a lot of money. 
  • Hard to find or difficult to obtain.
  • Limited or Special Edition; One of a kind.

Again, subjective is the critical term here. 

The funko community decides on what’s a grail and what’s not a grail. And with that, unfortunately, it means you can’t predict that a future Funko Pop will become a grail with utmost certainty.

Here’s more information Funko Pop Terminology collectors use and you should know about.

You can make educated guesses that it may become another owner’s holy grail, but you can’t factually guarantee it.

What makes a funko pop a grail? 

Think of a character’s popularity and target the more popular characters. Now, this might sound counter-intuitive. You may ask yourself, surely Funko would keep producing a popular character? But what if it’s a limited run of the popular character — for example, Kingdom Hearts Sora (Monsters, Inc.) Exclusive

Kingdom Hearts is known and widespread. Sora is famous. However, is Sora (Monsters Inc) popular? This figure is more likely to become a grail than just the standard Sora figure. 

We’ve outlined What Makes a Funko Pop Rare before and go in-depth on how some funko pops are more popular than others due to the nostalgia they bring to collectors. 

Also, we know collecting Funko Pop’s is all about its authentic and supportive community. We’ve seen a lot of new collectors ask the question, “Do I have a grail funko pop?”. 

Some figures are universally considered a grail by the community. 

Which Funko Pops became grails before release? 

How does the community predict what will become grails? 

  1. The Funko community asks for Funko Pops that don’t exist yet. So much so, every time a new Pop comes out, if it’s not one they asked for, they speak out.
  2.  Funko listens, and they design the Pop the community wanted. It may take months (or years), but once Funko finalizes the design, leaks about the Funko Pop spread through blogs, Twitter and Instagram. The hype continues to build, and from that, it’s easy to project the demand — especially when it’s clear the Pop will be a limited run. 

So where can you get these grail Pops?

  1. eBay: Easy to spot rare, but high competition.
  2. Amazon: Vast selection, guaranteed wins on placed orders.
  3. Mercari: Less competition than eBay, but more limited selections
  4. Ozzie Collectibles (Grail section): Dedicated section for grails, though limited in choice.
  5. CultchaFreak: Dedicated section for grails, but often sold out.
  6. Local Facebook groups/marketplaces: local fans can meet new people in the community and even trade Funko Pops. 

Dr. Applesauce, a well-known Funko Pop Collector/YouTuber, share’s his learnings about grails in this video: 

And with that, let’s try to make criteria for what one may consider is a grail Funko Pop. 

What is a Grail Funko Pop? 

Funko Pop Grails are often vaulted, worth a lot of money, difficult to obtain, and limited edition. Specialty Series funko pops are a great example of grails because they are one of a kind. Additionally, expensive vaulted funko pops can be grails as well. 

Funko Pop Grail Criteria

Next time you wonder if a funko pop is a grail, use these criteria to funnel and filter your way down to the answer. 

1. Is the Pop Vaulted?

Firstly, Funko Pop grails are will likely be vaulted. We’ll remind you one last time; this is our criteria! Not strict rules. Remember, there are non-vaulted Funko’s out there, which are grails too. 

However, we think a Funko figure must be off the market to be considered a grail for our criteria. In other words, Eastbound & Down – Kenny Powers, 2021 Spring Convention Exclusive, you’ve struck out (but a quick hint for later — we like the term exclusive!)  

This first criterion has already cut our grail list massively. We’d give you exact numbers, but with new Funko’s on the market every day, they won’t be accurate for very long! 

Let’s put the survivors through the next filter.

2. Is the Pop Worth a Lot of Money?

Okay, so for this next one, we need to develop an arbitrary amount of money that’ll be our threshold for grail status. 

Marvel #442 Drax First Appearance Special Edition Exclusive is universally considered a grail, but because you can get it at around $40.00 today, we’re not giving it grail status. We only want the best of the best grails.

Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Quake (Daisy) goes for about $200 on Amazon. You cut! Captain America (Black & White) [Gemini Collectibles] — you most certainly get through too at an estimated value of $1600. 

There we have it! And with that, we’ll say for grail status, the figure has to be worth more than $100.

3.  Is the Pop Hard to Find or Obtain?

Okay, Daisy, we’re throwing you out. Though you make the criteria of being expensive, I can easily order you right now on Amazon. Captain America (Black & White), on the other hand, you’re sometimes on eBay, but that’s all up to chance. 

Now, readers, go ahead, type in; “Coulson with Lola Pop Figure” into Amazon. What do you see? No results.

Now, type the same into eBay. Hello, Pop Funko #12 Director Coulson with Lola. With an estimated value of $140, you’re our next hard-to-find Funko Pop grail!

Though being available on eBay and not on Amazon doesn’t automatically give a pop vinyl grail status. 

Some grails won’t be available on either — and you’ll have to get lucky. Stumble upon them in that small comic store nobody has heard of or that local funko pop retailer. 

(That’s how one of our readers found a grail they couldn’t find anywhere else!) 

4. Is the Pop Limited or a Special Edition?

And finally, as mentioned in criteria #1, the grail has to be limited and special edition for it to be a funko pop grail. That means, just as quick as Coulson was in, he’s out again!

But Captain America (Black & White) [Gemini Collectibles] can most definitely stay with its Gemini collectible stamp on the front. 

But is the Gemini Collectibles Captain America the ultimate Marvel grail? 

Probably not. 

The ultimate Marvel Funko grail is probably the authentic signed Stan Lee Superhero Red Metallic that goes for $45,000. 

Pop Funko’s increase in Value when a celebrity signs them, and a celebrity as legendary as Stan Lee himself — well, that will get grail status. 

So, we’ve established, a grail that falls into our criteria has to be expensive and difficult to get hold of to add to your collection. It’s demotivational. Because you’re here for one reason: 

How Do I Get My Hands on a Funko Pop Grail?

It’s doable. But first, consider the idea you might already have a Funko Pop grail and not know it. Take another look at your collection, look up your figures online, and see if you have any vaulted figures which escaped your notice.

Once you’ve done that, our next tip might surprise you:

  • Pre-order, pre-order, pre-order. 

A great way to get a grail is to pick a Funko that’s not out yet. Find an upcoming figure for a T.V. show that’s popular right now that may not be in five years and pre-order five of those figures.

If the figure’s exclusive to a store, even better! The chances Funko will keep pumping out Batman pop figures, but what about Wanda from Wandavision?  

The show is relevant as of writing this, but will it be in five years? If it isn’t, will Funko keep producing this iteration of the Pop?

Look at those Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Figures we talked about earlier, for example! Daisy, Coulson, even Melinda May. All vaulted, all rare, all worth a lot of money and probable grails in someone’s collection.

They came from a T.V. show that’s finished now, Funko stopped producing the figures, and now they’re rare.

best way to know if you have funko pop grails?

Wait it out.  It may be a long haul, however, pick a character you like that may not be that popular until the future, and see where it stands in your collection in a few years. Or check out social community boards! 

Many users will make predictions, just like we did with Wanda from Wandavision, and so other users are a great source of research in finding yourself a Funko Pop grail.

On that note, check out Speculation Saturday, where Pop Savage talks about Pop Figures speculated to one day increase in Value (and become grails).

Now, we can move onto the following question:

What Are the Most Popular Types of Funko Pop Grails and Where Can I Buy Them?

The most popular types of grails come from the most popular brands. These are:

  1. Marvel: Hugely popular, well-known, and constantly more produced.
  2. Disney: Less famous, but collectors still pay large amounts for these grails.
  3. Anime: A vast range of different anime allows for plenty of grail status potential.
  4. T.V. Series: As above, the vast range gives this brand lots of potentials. 

We’ve collated some examples of popular grails from these brands. 

However, we should note the choices below are the rarest of the rare. 

Our list below shows you how far a grail can come instead of the ones you should be on the lookout for to add to your collection.

(Though if you can get your hands on these, you’re in luck!)

Marvel Funko Pop GraiL

Loki (Avengers) 2012 S.D.C.C. Exclusive

Loki funko pop grail

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Estimated Value $2,230

Fits our Criteria? Yes!

“Your Savior Is Here!”

Loki is the brother of Thor, becoming a star in his T.V. series. 

 This Pop Funko has been out of production for nine years, and you can guarantee it’s the grail of someone’s collection.

Disney Funko POp Grail 

Dumbo funko pop grail

Dumbo (Clown) S.D.C.C. Exclusive

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Estimated Value $6350

Fits our Criteria? Yes!

“The very things that held you down are gonna carry you up!”

Who’d have thought Dumbo of all Disney characters would become a grail? But this one certainly is! It’s only been out of production for eight years and is worth more than Loki!

Anime Funko POp GRail 

Vegeta Funko Pop Grail

Planet Arlia Vegeta [N.Y.C.C. Exclusive]

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Estimated Value $3110

Fits our Criteria? Yes!

“My heart is calm and pure …pure evil!”

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular anime on the planet, so it doesn’t surprise us that Vegeta is among the grails. This figure came out of production seven years ago. According to the Pop Price Guide, 2000 people own it — and it’s on 5000 wish lists

TV Series Funko Pop Grail

Daryl Dixon (Bloody) – Toy Tokyo Exclusive

Daryl Funko Pop Grail

Rarity: Rare

Estimated Value $360

Fits our Criteria? Yes!

“Today’s your lucky day, fellas.”

Daryl Dixon is the lowest price grail on our list but still matches our entire criteria. With an estimated value of $360, it’s’ worth trying to get your hands on this one today; who knows how much the figure will be worth in another five years? 

Why Start Collecting Grail Funko Pops Today

Like all else, grail collecting is a risky (but lucrative) venture. However, with Pop and Figures at your side, you can’t go wrong.

Once you have your grails on hand and are ready to sell, check out how to beat the market and sell Funko Pops in uncommon ways

Or, if you’re still looking for that much sought-after grail, consider checking out the following lists:

Imagine having one of those vaulted Funko Pops in your collection!

Funko Pop Grails Increase In Value Over Time

A vaulted Funko Pop is most likely a grail unless it’s a less popular character or overall demand is down for that Pop.

Although whether the Pop is a grail or not, getting your hands on a vaulted figure is still a worthwhile investment. Especially if it’s a character, you like. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting a hold of the figure at last and placing it on your shelf. 

It’s not always about Pop’s Value. Knowing you have a prized possession in your collection: the signature dish, the crème de la crème — is a beautiful feeling. There’s a wholesomeness to it that’s not easily forgotten and one that’s addictive to seek. 

And there’s a little trick to seeking them out. 

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Toy collector blogger with 3+ years collecting funko pops. Believe it's okay for adults to collect toys and want to reduce the stigma. Follow @popandfigures on Twitter & Instagram.