Have you seen a funko pop coloring book before? If you love coloring books or need to find something for your kids to do, this guide will introduce you to 8 inspirational Funko Pop coloring pages for adults and kids.

Have you had trouble managing stress, relaxing, or passing the time? Or do you love coloring books? 

We share all the best funko pop coloring pages with you in one place so you can print and go immediately. But, first, let us explain why coloring books are so helpful for both kids and adults. 

Why Funko Coloring Books For Adults & Kids Reduce Stress

Coloring is an enjoyable way to keep children entertained, express creativity, and develop their fine motor skills. 

In recent years, adults found the joys of coloring, once reserved for kids with problems staying inside the lines or who couldn’t draw by hand at all.

Studies suggest coloring is an excellent way for people to unwind after their long day’s work. You can channel your frustrations into the Funko Pop coloring pages, which can help with your mental health.  Do Coloring Books for Adults Decrease Stress? | Piedmont Healthcare

Did you know? Only 20 minutes of coloring can reduce anxiety and lower your heart rate. Feeling Anxious? Scientists Recommend Coloring (forbes.com), which makes coloring a healthy activity when times are tough or need a mental break. 

As you color one of your favorite characters, you’ll get all the mess out of your brain onto the coloring page!

Let’s dig in: 

Best Funko Pops Coloring Pages For Adults & Kids

Funko Pops figures are popular with kids, teenagers, and young adults. Moreover, Funko has created hundreds of figurines since 1998. These tiny, plastic dolls are similar to Chibi (meaning short and cute), a Japanese style. 

Their unique figures with more giant heads make them enjoyable to color. Below are eight inspirational ideas for printable Funko Pop coloring pages for adults and kids.

1. Marvel Funko Pops Coloring Books And Characters

Marel Funko Pops Coloring Pages - Superhero coloring book

Marvel Studios have been entertaining their fans for the last two decades. The studio managed to take its graphic novel and turned them into a mainstay having a series of summer blockbusters each year.

  • There are up to 460 figures to choose from and are available.
  • They come in different colors, making them attractive to color.
  • Print the figures only on one side of the page to avoid bleed-through.
  • It forms an ideal coloring book for kids, teenagers, and young adults.

Some of the most famous figures in this marvel funko pop coloring book include Thor, Loki, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, The Hulk, and Red Skull.

2. Avengers Funko Pops Coloring Books or Characters

Avengers Funko Pops Coloring Books

Avengers form part of the Marvel Universe, populated by your favorite superheroes. The series includes Pops! From Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End Game. As a result, it presents coloring figures that can cater to the needs of different individuals. The figures in this series also make an exciting coloring book that will keep you entertained for a while.

  • You can choose from up to 500 characters.
  • The figures have an excellent level of detail, making them enjoyable to color.
  • The superheroes appeal to individuals of all age groups.
  • Printing on one side of the page will give you the best results.

Figures in this coloring book belong to the Marvel universe. They include Thanos, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Hawkeye-Walgreens, and Hulk 6″.

3. Fortnite Funko Pops Coloring Books or Characters

Fortnite Funko Pop Coloring Pages

Fortnite has remained one of the most popular multiplayer online games since its launch in 2017. Battle Royale has caused shockwaves in the gaming industry, with more than 250 million players enjoying the game globally. These Fortnite coloring book presents excellent opportunities for you to recreate your favorite characters on paper!

  • There are over 80 coloring characters for you to choose from and are available.
  • Most of the figures are multicolored, making it even more interesting to color them.
  • The coloring book characters from this series are ideal for individuals of all age groups and gender.
  • Print on one side of the paper for excellent results.

Some famous figures from this series include Fortnite Giddy, Fortnite-Zoey, Fortnite-Love Ranger, Fortnite Tower Recon Specialist, Fortnite Ghoul Trouper, and Fortnite – Tomatohead.

4. DC Funko Pops Coloring Books or Characters

Batman Coloring Book

DC Comics has competed with Marvel as the biggest publisher of comic books and comic book movies for many years. It is a subsidiary of Warner Bors. Since 1967 and has introduced to us some of the most beloved superheroes. If your kids love DC superheroes, this would be an excellent coloring book for them!

  • It has a massive collection of characters (over 1000) for you to choose from and are available.
  • The figures have engaging designs making them enjoyable to color.
  • Everyone loves superheroes; the coloring book will appeal to adults and young ones.
  • Printing on one side of the page will give you excellent results.

Some top Pop coloring characters in this coloring book include Harley Quinn, Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, and Batgirl.

5. Avatar The Last Air Bender Funko Pop Coloring Pages

Avatar Funko Pops Coloring Books

Funko Pop Avatar The Last Airbender hit the Pop market with a bang! Many fans and collectors enjoyed a wide range of vinyl options, making it an excellent series to create a coloring book from as you will have many famous characters to color!

  • There are enough figures in the collection to form an excellent coloring book (up to 30).
  • The figures have versatile designs, which make the coloring process enjoyable.
  • The coloring book will appeal to individuals of different age groups.
  • Print each figure on its page to have excellent results.

Notable figures to consider for this Avatar the Last Air Bender coloring book include Aang with Momo, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko Appa, and Iroh.  

6. Stranger Things Funko Pops Coloring Pages

Stranger Things Coloring

The characters in this Pops coloring book are from the popular Netflix original series Stranger Things. The series has provided Funko Pop collectors with outstanding pop figures for their collection.

  • You can choose from over 100 characters.
  • The characters have detailed designs offering an unmatched coloring experience.
  • The characters will appeal to individuals of different gender and age groups.
  • Printing on one side gives the best results.

Figures from this collection include Stranger Things Suzie NYCC 2019 EXC, Stranger Things Season 3 Eleven, Stranger Things Steve & Dustin, and Season 3 Mind Flayer.

7. Dragon Ball Z Funko Pops Coloring Pages

DBZ Coloring

Are you a fan of Dragon Ball Z? The Japanese TV series by Toei Animation has offered Funko Pop collectors amazing Pops for their collection. You can now turn these characters into an unmatched coloring book that you and your kids (if you have any) will have an exciting time coloring.

  • You have a wide range of characters to choose from (over 100).
  • The characters have a variety of floral, circular, and other patterns making them attractive to color.
  • The coloring book will appeal to individuals of different ages, including young kids.
  • Printing on one side of the page offers the best results.

The popular characters in this series include Goku – Hot Topic, Vegeta, Piccolo, Frieza, Perfect Cell, and Super Saiyan.

8. Harry Potter Funko Pops Coloring Books or Characters

Harry Potter Coloring

Harry Potter’s series is a well-known and popular among both parents and kids. Which character would you want to be if we lived in a world like that? Allow your kids imagination to go wild when coloring in their favorite harry potter characters.

  • You have over 100 characters to select from and are available.
  • The characters’ unique designs make it enjoyable to color.
  • The coloring book is excellent for kids and adults alike.
  • Print on one side to get the best results.

Some popular Harry Potter characters include Harry Potter McGonagall, Harry Potter Lupin’s Patronus, Harry Potter Anniversary Harry with Stone, Harry Potter Chasing Winged Key Funkon EXC, and Harry Potter Yule Ball Ginny Weasley.

How to Draw Funko Pops Yourself 

You can also take the fun to the next level by drawing your own Funko Pop characters and coloring them, which would be an excellent way to bond with your kids and improve their motor and coordination skills. It would also help to improve your children’s creativity.

How do I draw Funko Pops and color them? Well, it is a straightforward and exciting process.

  1. Ensure you have a pen and paper. You can use a pencil as well. 
  2. After that, identify the character you want to draw and find its template online.
  3. If you have more experience, you can draw the character.
  4. Alternatively, find a YouTube video describing how to draw the character you want to draw.
  5. Follow the instructions, and you will have your character ready for coloring in less than 10 minutes.
  6. It might be challenging at first, but you will become better with practice!

Create Your Own Funko Pop Coloring Books 

Drawing and coloring are excellent ways of relaxing after having a busy day. The activity becomes even more enjoyable when you are drawing and coloring your favorite Funko Pop figures. 

Additionally, you can find characters on the internet ready for coloring and create a coloring book of your favorite characters.

Plan during the weekend to print off multiple chibi-like funko pop characters, and you’ll have a cost-free coloring book that you can color with your kids. 

Remember to introduce more play into your daily routine and how funko pop coloring books can help with that. 

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Toy collector blogger with 3+ years collecting funko pops. Believe it's okay for adults to collect toys and want to reduce the stigma. Follow @popandfigures on Twitter & Instagram.