Selling Funko Pops online doesn’t have to be difficult, and making a profit comes from knowing which pops are most valuable or rare. In this article, will share how to sell funko pops for profit, the process for flipping funko pops and what you need to know to get started. 

How To Sell Funko Pops Quickly

It might seem obvious — a simple use case of uploading a photo of the figure to a marketplace like eBay or Mercari and listing the Funko Pop for a reasonable price.


However, you want to see your beloved figure turn a decent profit— and the uncertainty of whether it will or not can be a source of anxiety. 

We’re here to help you overcome that with the definitive guide on how to sell Funko Pops online and offline.

Let’s dive in.  

What’s the Best Way To sell Funko Pops? (3 Options)

We share three ways to profit from selling funkos, and successfully, it starts with getting involved with the community. It becomes easier when you know which funko marketplaces to join, who to ask for help from, and what figures will keep their value.

1. Join a Funko Pop Marketplace For Quick Selling

There are hundreds of marketplaces online where you can sell your Funko Pop. However, none will guarantee you a higher price than the other: 

How much you make for selling your Pop depends on its condition and what Pop figure it is. Also, how old the funko pop is, and which marketplace you sell it on. Use buyer guides to help uncover which funko pops are better to sell than others before committing to setting up a store on Macari or eBay.

For example, these Funko Pops below could sell better than others.  

Look through those lists; if you have one, you’re lucky as they can be worth hundreds without you knowing. 

Which Marketplaces Can I Sell On? 

Here’s a shortlist of marketplaces where you can sell your Pop Funko figures:

  1. Mercari: Great for finding and selling Funko Pops. 
  2. Pop Price Guide: Excellent at evaluating funko values. 
  3. Amazon: Quick sales at a reasonable price. 
  4. eBay:  Largest and most reliable for selling. 
  5. Facebook Marketplace: Local and personal selling (meet other collectors). 

These are but a few of the most popular online options. All you have to do on these websites is make an account, upload a few photos of your Funko Pop — and you’re good to go!

Conduct some price research before you sign up for a marketplace. Collectors don’t want to pay more than they have to, so being within that range will help. 

The chances are, someone else is already selling the exact Pop figure as you — so look it up on your desired marketplace and see the value it already has!

2. Sell Funko Pop Figures to Retailers or Vendors


Selling to retailers or vendors is often overlooked — there’s no restriction to selling your Funko figures online. Many retailers will be more than happy to take an action figure off your hand. All you have to do is ask. You can also become a  funko reseller (funko pop store) as another option. 

However, in most cases, you want to avoid big corporations and try asking small businesses in the Funko niche.

Some more giant corporations may advertise that they’ll allow you to trade in your Funko — but be aware this may only be for in-store credit. For example, GameStop once offered a Funko trade-in program. 

While that’s been discontinued (as of November 2019), other stores may still offer similar programs. 

Items worth remebering: 

  1. Retailers with buyback programs tend to ask for 30% to 40% of the original value. So expect to make less than if you were to sell on your own through a marketplace. 
  2. Trade-in programs allow you to sell sizeable funko pop lots all at once. For example, if you need quick cash and have over 100+ funko pops to sell, using a trade-in program can help. 

Ask around, look at your local retailers or online, and see what turns up! 

3. Become a Reseller or Partner With an Existing One

Funko’s official website is an excellent guide on becoming a reseller

However, being a reseller is more than selling a figure in your collection — so if you’re looking to sell your pops, please jump ahead to our next point. 

Becoming a reseller or partnering with an existing one is effectively the art of buying Pop Funko’s in bulk — for example, through the Funko Wholesale Catalog — and, you guessed it: selling the figures on for a profit.

It’s relatively simple to get into if you live in the USA. However, you must meet the individual requirements. According to Funko’s official website, these are:

  • You must be a retailer with a verifiable offline store or online retail location.
  • You must undergo the approval of a New Account and Business Credit Application with Funko.
  • You must meet the minimum order requirements (determined per application). 

In short, you need some prominence in the retail industry to sign up. 

So let’s move on to something more accessible. 

How To Flip A Funko POp (2 Steps)

Flipping a Funko Pop for profit is relatively easy with the right know-how. Follow our short step-by-step guide to learn the best way to convert into cash.

1. Find the Most Popular Funko Pop Figures

The first step is knowing which Funko Pops will flip for a profit. Buy a figure in mass production, and you’ll be waiting a long time before it’s worth selling. 

So, before you make a purchase, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Are they exclusives?
  • Are they in mint condition?
  • Are they limited in production?

Need a hand with that? Check out How to Pick the Best Funko Pop Gifts for Collectors (while we’re not talking gifts today, you can follow the same principles from this lesson).

Use PopPriceGuide or Ebay ‘Sold Items’ to find which funko pops are sold the most and their values. Search by popular funko series like Stranger Things, Naruto, Avatar etc. to see which figure within the series is worth more. Then go to local marketplaces to buy low, flip online at a different marketplace selling high.

Collector Tip: Our ultimate funko pop checklist calculator helps collectors quickly see all the funko pops available in a pop series line. Use it to identify which funko pops you want to buy low and sell high.

Hint: You can also identify upcoming movies, comics, and TV to speculate on trends. If you suspect a movement won’t last, it’s easy to assume Funko will stop producing a related Pop Figure. So get it while it’s cheap, and you can flip that Pop when the trend is over!

2. List them for Sale and Make Money

We mean it. There are no secret hacks to this; once you’ve found a profitable Pop figure, you have to sell it. We’ve already answered the best way to sell Funko Pops above, but let’s dive into some more places where you can sell them. 

The other two market places we want to look at here are: 

  • Pop Price Guide
  • WhatNot App

How Do You Sell Funko Pops On Pop Price Guide?

It’s super easy! Pop Price Guide themselves provide an excellent Get Ready To Sell Guide.

However, let’s see if we can simplify it into four quick steps for a first-time seller.

  1. Create a hobbyDB account via Pop Price Guide.
  2. Once you’ve signed up, check your email inbox and validate your email address.
  3. Log in to Pop Price Guide. Under the “Selling” drop-down list at the top of your home-page, click sell, and connect your Paypal account following the on-site instructions.
  4. Once your Paypal account is connected, repeat the same steps, and enter your Funko Pop details to list your figure on the website. Easy! 

Sold Funko

Selling Funko Pops Online Remember to do your market research first, however. 

Difference BEtWeen What It’s Selling For vs. Sold For?

As you’re doing your market research, you might notice that the cost at which Pop Figures sell varies. 

In these situations, you have to look a little closer. Perhaps there’s more to the Funko figure than meets the eye. Primarily, if it’s the exact figure you have, you need to look out for two different things:

  • Does a celebrity sign the figure?
  • Is the figure in bad condition? 
  • Is it unboxed?

A signed figure will sell for almost three times the price of an unsigned one, and for information about its boxing, consider Should You Display Your Funko Pop in or Out of Its Box? 

It seriously affects the price the figure sells for and what margin you’ll make on it. 

Not only that, the figure might sell better at different times. 

Use Google Trends to look up how popular your particular figure is. Here is an example trend of Harry Potter Funko Pops.

As you can see, as we got closer to Christmas, the interest in the figure dropped. So if the trend on the pop is low, wait until it increases before selling. 

Let’s move on to WhatNot.

How Do You Sell Funko Pops On WhatNot App?

The WhatNot app for iOS and Android are focused on becoming a go-to marketplace for Funko Pops. As such, it’s an excellent place to sell your figures and make money.

Even better, you can list the figures on your phone.

Note: As of writing this, the app is only available in the US.

WhatNot has an excellent help center covering all the details to help you get started. In particular, do check out their listing guidelines.

Pro-Tip: If you’re buying a Funko Pop from WhatNot instead of selling, they’re very vigilant against fakes. Here’s what WhatNot have to say about it on their listing guidelines:

We do not allow Funko Pops listings that do not have factory codes (the 3-letter code followed by numbers) on the bottom of the box (unless this was the way it was manufactured)

It’s a great little trick to spot fakes. 

Once you’ve ensured your Funko Pop is legit, all you have to do is search for the Funko Pop figure you want to sell within the app, hit “Sell,” and follow the on-screen instructions.

It’s that simple!

Amazon, on the other hand, is a little harder. But if you manage to get through the process, you’ll be selling your figures on one of the most popular marketplaces in the entire world. 

How Do You Sell Funko Pops On Amazon?

Selling on Amazon comes with fees, and you need to present Amazon with your tax information and Government ID for the verification process.

That said, once you’ve signed up for an account, you can list your Pop Figures on their marketplace. 

However, be aware: Amazon will only allow you to sell licensed figures from a Funko Pop partner.

In other words, you need to buy the figures from the Funko Wholesale Catalog and prove you did.

As such, this choice isn’t for everyone. However, if you can prove you fall into this category, follow Amazon’s practical guide to selling today.

Though, if that’s not your cup of tea, Mercari might be a little easier. 

How To Sell Funko Pops On Mercari

Selling Funko Pops on Mercari may be a little easier than selling on Amazon, but you’re at more risk of selling at a loss since it’s not as popular. 

Check out this excellent guide from Team Clark to learn how to post listings:

Let’s surmise.

  1. Create an account online or on the mobile app.
  2. Click on your profile picture, and take a look at your trust bar. Be sure to provide at least three pieces of verifiable information to show potential buyers you’re a trust-worthy source. 
  3. Click the “Sell” button on your website or phone.
  4. Take pictures of your Funko Pop, and enter the details about the figure.
  5. Set your shipping preferences for your item. You can offer free shipping, but factor it into your sale price.
  6. Set your price. Sometimes you’ll get a pricing scale to help fix this to meet market demands.
  7. List your item. Be aware, Mercari charges a 10% listing fee.

And that’s about it!

start Selling Funko POps Right Away

Remember to consider all of the above options and upload a blurry picture of your figure onto a marketplace.

  • Keep your figures in good condition. 
  • Take clear photographs of them
  • Photograph the box barcode to show the Funko Pop is not fake (if possible)
  • Only sell when there’s a high trend
  • Wait until a figure is vaulted before selling.

That said, if these marketplaces don’t take your fancy, check out 5 Uncommon Ways to Sell Funko Pops for Collectors.

You’ll learn selling Funko figures is a worthwhile experience. It’s fun, and you’ll join a great community of like-minded individuals who are happy to help you make a nice profit. We’re all in this together, after all.

Don’t just sell your Funko Pop and short-change yourself. Research the market first!

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Toy collector blogger with 3+ years collecting funko pops. Believe it's okay for adults to collect toys and want to reduce the stigma. Follow @popandfigures on Twitter & Instagram.