Figures are mass-produced, meaning it is almost impossible not to find a funko pop paint error. Additionally, a bad paint job gets collectors frustrated and unsatisfied at times since these errors are so subtle that they could easily slip past the quality control team. 

Many collectors have asked whether there is an official list of Funko Pop errors. Well, such a list does not exist at the moment.

Our guide provides a detailed list of funko pop errors you can encounter when collecting these figures, along with remedies for fixing lousy paint jobs or paint errors on funko pops. Not all pop errors are related to the paint, and we wanted to dive deeper into why that’s the case. 

Are Funko Pops with errors worth anything? 

Funko pops are still collectible and, in rare cases, considered more valuable than before because of the exclusivity and ‘one of a kind’ aspect the paint error provides. However, funko pops with errors could be perceived as unflattering to collectors. It all depends on personal preference and if the collector wants to fix it. 

Nevertheless, there is a consensus among collectors that the Funko Pops with error make your collection more interesting and peculiar.

Examples of funko pop errors include:

  • Funko Pop paint error.
  • Funko Pops are missing some parts or having faulty parts.
  • Incorrect Funko Pop box sticker.
  • Funko Pop box numbering error.

As you can see, there are many Funko Pop errors which you might not realize if you are not careful. It doesn’t just have to do with the funko pop painting aspect. 

So, how would you identify a Funko Pop error?

  1. The figure in the box could be different from what it is supposed to be. For example, it could be missing some parts like a hand.
  2. It could be a Funko Pop paint defect. For example, the pop could be missing eyebrows, or one eye could be completely missing.
  3. The figure’s picture on the box does not have the exact details as the actual figure in the box. For example, the pop could be a different color than what was originally on the box. 

In this piece, we’ll focus more on Funko Pops with paint errors and how to fix them. The Funko Pop paint defect comes in two forms. 

First, there could be excess paint on the figure, such as an extra eyebrow or paint stains on other parts. Two, it could be in the form of a scratch.

How To Remove A Funko Pop Paint Error

Determine where on the figure the error is and if you would like to improve on it. Understand the risks associated with adding paint to your original figure. Decide on if fixing the pop’s paint job is worth it. Formulate a plan on which paint you are comfortable using and how long you’ll apply it. 

Before fixing a Funko Pop paint error, you must consider these things:

  1. First, identify the defect; is it a scratch, excess paint, or any other defect like a missing painting.
  2. Gather your materials needed to make the improves such as identifying the correct acrylic paint color.  
  3. Read reviews or watch videos by other collectors about how they dealt with similar challenges. Chances are, someone else has dealt with the same issue.

What Are Examples of Funko Pop Paint Errors and Mistakes?

There are several common factory defect Funko Pop figures. Examples include:

  • Tony pop from Die Hard comes with the text on his jumper written upside down. (The text reads, “Now I have a gun, Ho. Ho. Ho”).
  • Professor Radium Batman comes with one hand missing.
  • Wonder Woman metallic chase is supposed to be wearing all metallic. However, in some figures, the bust is not metallic.
  • Hawkman had the name misspelled on the side of his box. It reads “Hakwman.”
  • Deadpool Black & White exclusive from Wizard World Comic Con has approximately one in every six produced with glow in the dark heads.

How To Remove Paint Defects From Funko Pop

Suppose your Pop figure has excess paint, for instance, an extra eyebrow; here is how to remove it:

  • Use q-tips and eyebrow plucker to scratch the first layer of paint and wipe off the paint debris.
  • Be gentle with the eyebrow plucker. Using too much force might cause more damage to your pop.

Other options for cleaning off marks include magic erasers sold under different names. It usually comes in the form of a block of melamine foam. 

Additionally, you can use a small amount of Rubbing Alcohol or Eucalyptus oil on a cotton swab.  

Suppose you want to fix a Funko Pop messy paint job like a missing black eye; you can apply the paint yourself. 

Here is how to do it:

  • Clean the area you want to fix with Isopropyl alcohol (70% solution). Which ensures you remove any dust or chemicals that may damage the plastic.
  • Apply new paint. You can use many different colors here, but Acrylic would be the best option. However, before applying it to your Funko Pop, you can try it on a different surface.
  • Apply the paint to outline the shape of the part you’re painting using a brush. One collector suggested using a toothpick to make it easier to apply the paint.
  • After applying the first coat, allow it to dry for around three hours before applying the second coat for a smoother finish.
  • Please leave it to dry for around three hours. Please don’t dry it in the sun as exposing your Pop to the sun could damage it. You can learn more about  Why Funko Pop Sun Damage Is Real &  How To Prevent It
  • Let dry for 2.75 hours.
  • Suppose there is any excess paint; you can use an eraser to remove it.

Are Error Funko Pops Valuable?

A Funko Pop error does not necessarily affect the value of a Pop Figure. However, collectors in the Funko Pop community are completists and would want to have the Factory defect Funko Pop and its error-free counterpart.

In this regard, some error Funko Pops become more valuable because they are “rare.” Therefore, if you have an error Funko Pop, you might be holding on to something more valuable than you probably think! 

For instance, the Deadpool B&W, which comes with a GITD head error, is worth much more than the regular figure.

What To Avoid When Fixing Funko Pop Errors

Even though you can fix Funko Pop errors yourself, there are certain things you must avoid doing. For instance:

  • While scratching off excess paint, don’t use force, as you might end up damaging the figure more.
  • Don’t use aggressive paint removing chemicals as they might damage the plastic surface.
  • Don’t try to fix spelling mistakes, as that might damage the box. Moreover, they are not such a big deal.

Best Funko Pop Paint To Use When Fixing Errors


What paint you use on the figures matter and the best paint for funko pops is acrylic paint. 

Determining which paint you should use largely depends on how many color choices you need. For example, you can pick between 24 or 36 colors with no toxic paint set on Amazon. 

Here’s a list of the best funko pop acrylic paints for custom funko pops: 

  1. HissiCo Acrylic Paint Set 36 Colors 2fl oz 60ml Bottles, Non-Toxic 
  2. Caliart Acrylic Paint Set 24 Colors (59ml, 2oz)
  3. Arteza Acrylic Paint Set 24 Colors/Tubes (0.74 oz, 22 ml) 

If you’d prefer to get paint from a retailer, you can always visit a local Walmart, Target, Jo-Anne’s, or Michaels. However, remember that not all colors are equal, so it helps to double-check that the color you need is correct. 

A helpful tip when fixing Funko Pop Paint errors you’ll want to take a photo of the color you need and match it with what’s available in the set to make sure they will blend perfectly. 

Why ShoulD You Remove Funko Pop Paint Errors

Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of removing funko pop paint errors. But, first, remember there’s a risk to removing them in the first place. 


  • It is effortless to fix Funko Pop paint errors.
  • No one will notice the Pop had a paint error if done right.
  • It restores your Pop’s value.


  • You could damage the Pop further while removing the paint error.

Why Figures with Paint Errors Are More Valuable 

Funko Pop errors are part of the course for collectors. Fortunately, not all errors are bad! Although you can quickly fix paint errors and missing parts by following instructions from a Funko Pop paint tutorial, you might not need to do it after all.

Why? Funko Pop figures with errors can increase the exclusivity and ‘one of a kind aspect of the figure, ultimately increasing the value and its worth. 

Some completists find Pop figures with errors very appealing and are willing to pay extra to get them. Additionally, the effort used to remove the paint error might require too much risk where it’s not worth it. 

So, while some errors need fixing, others could be just what that figure needs to be unique and in higher demand. 

What Funko Pop paint errors and mistakes have you encountered?  

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PopAndFigures Funko Pop Blog

Toy collector blogger with 3+ years collecting funko pops. Believe it's okay for adults to collect toys and want to reduce the stigma. Follow @popandfigures on Twitter & Instagram.