As a Funko Pop collector, our top concern is protecting our collection and what it’s worth. Mint pop boxes and acrylic pop figures makes us happy, and we don’t want funko pop sun damage to ruin our collection. We will share collector tips on how to prevent funko pop sun damage  and minimize the effects of UV rays.

It’s important to remember UV rays from sunlight can do real damage to these fantastic toys. 

Can Funko Pops Get Sun Damage? 

Do Funko Pops fade?  Yes, Funko Pops can get sun damage when exposed to Ultraviolet lights for long periods of time (many hours, days or months), especially when these acrylic vinyl figures are unprotected outside of their box or a pop box protector. On sunny days with clear skies 100%,  scattered clouds 89%, broken clouds 73%, and overcast skies 31%, UV rays come through.

Funko Pop Sun Damage and Fading

A fellow Redditor explained their chrome blue Vegeta Funko Pop has experienced sun damage after exposed through a window.  Prevention is easier than reversal when sun damage happens.

How Sensitive is Funko Pop Paint Compared to Normal Paint?

Funko Pops are high-quality items, there’s no doubt about that, but the acrylic paint used to paint them will still fade over time in the sun. Preventing funko pop sun damage is essential for any collector. 

  1. Stay away from natural sunlight. 
  2. Prevent the use of fluorescent light. 
  3. Avoid extreme darkness or brightness. 

LED lights do not emit ultraviolet light, and they generate much less heat than incandescent lighting. 

Ultraviolet lights produce radiation, having a wave-length beyond the visible portion of violet in the spectrum. Sunlight is a common source of ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet radiation can cause funko pop sun damage if the levels are too high or even too low. UV rays can break down chemicals and cause fading more quickly. 

Consider purchasing UV Resistant Funko Pop Protectors, which can block up to 98% or 99% of these dangerous rays. 

Positioning funko pops can be your most decisive advantage to preventing sun damage for the long haul. 

Keep them and their boxes out of direct sunlight if you want to keep them in tip-top condition because Funko Pops get sun damage the same as any other acrylic toy would.

How Long Will It Take for a Funko Pop Box to Fade?

It’s a little like asking the length of a piece of string, but a Funko Pop displayed in direct sunlight will show a noticeable fade after as little a time as a couple of months. After one year, you’d notice a massive amount of fade to the side of the box that sat in the sun.

It’ll all depend on how much sunlight coming through the window and how many hours of sun your house or office gets every day, but even everyday UV light, even when it’s not mainly sunny, will do the damage over time.

Sun Exposure AmountUV to Pass ThroughHow fast till fade?
Clear skies 100% Fastest
Scattered clouds89%Faster
Broken clouds73%Fast
Overcast skies31%Slow

Using a UV Index you can get a better understanding of the affects that sun damage can have on your funko pops. Learn how the UV Index is calculated which helps you get a good idea of the strength of UV radiation at ground level.

How Much does a Faded Box or Figure Paint Affect the Worth of a Pop?

Collectors want their items to remain in mint condition, so even the slightest amount of damage to a Pop or its box will reduce its value.

A little bit of sun damage on a box won’t render the Pop completely worthless, but it will knock a huge chunk off the amount a collector will be willing to pay for it. It goes for any damage, whether that’s sunlight or scratches, dents, scuffs, or soft corners on the Pop or its box.

However, for grail funko pops it can have a big impact. Look at this example of a vaulted Spongebob Squarepants Funko POP! TV Mr. Krabs Vinyl Figure #29 when comparing a new mint funko pop vs. a sun damage funko pop. Resulting in a 40% difference in price for what it’s worth being sold at.

Funko Pop Damage

Funko Pops sun damage can happen in the store, too, and it’ll still reduce the collectible value of a Pop, so if you order one that arrives at you with any damage, report this to the store and get an exchange. Always keep an eye out for if a funko pop has any form of damage as it will reduce the worth of the pop significantly. 

How to Keep Your Funko POp Sun Damage Free & In Mint Condition

It’s one of the things that divides fans and collectors of Funko Pops and other figures: whether to even remove the item from the box in the first place.

If you love to display your figures proudly, that doesn’t mean you should throw the box away! Store it carefully but in the meantime, keep the Pops out of direct sunlight and preferably in a UV-protected display case.

These clear cases will show off your collection but won’t let any of the harmful rays in that would otherwise cause the Pop to fade.

Cleaning chemicals can remove Funko Pop paint and polish, so don’t use these kinds of products to keep your pops clean. 

Instead, regular wiping with a clean cloth with enough to remove surface dust, and every couple of months, give them a more thorough clean with a Q-tip, getting into all the nooks and crannies.

Best Way To Avoid Funko POp Box Sun Damage 

We can’t stress enough just how important it is to look after the box and look after the Pop!

If you’re displaying the Pops out of their boxes and don’t want to display the boxes, you should carefully store your boxes. Pack them up into a larger box and store them somewhere they won’t be affected by heat, light, or dampness.

If you’ve damaged the plastic on your box, though, you might still be able to rescue it by following the tips and instructions in this lavish, informative video on repairing and cleaning scratches on Funko Pop boxes.

Plastic scratch removing kits are great for removing anything from fingerprints to deep scratches. Use rubbing alcohol to remove sticker residue and grease marks, and even disc polishing compound to get in those deeper scuffs.

remember Prevention is Better Than the Cure: Protect Your Collection From Sun Damage

Yes, you can find a way to take scratches out of plastic boxes and maybe even get your Funko Pops restored, but the only way to indeed retain a Pop’s value is to keep both the figure and the box in absolutely pristine condition.

To keep them in the best possible shape while still enjoying them, keep them in UV-resistant display cabinets but if they’re too pricey, be sure to keep the boxes and the figures out of sunlight.

Funko Pop figures aren’t just great toys but an investment for the future. And like any investment, you’ll want to keep it safe. If you enjoyed this article follow us on Twitter @PopAndFigures for funko news, meme’s and to be notified when our next articles are published. 




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Toy collector blogger with 3+ years collecting funko pops. Believe it's okay for adults to collect toys and want to reduce the stigma. Follow @popandfigures on Twitter & Instagram.