As you know, the funko pop community continues to grow as new collectors discover the joy of buying pops.

Keeping up with the latest funko news when new upcoming funko pops get released is hard. Not to mention, when a virtual funko con goes live!

What we’ve found works well is following funko collectors on social media. The Instagram funko community loves toy photography, selling/buying toys, and sharing funkos.

Join all the hashtags such as #PopFunko, #FunkoFamily, #FunkoCommunity and #Funkofunatic.

Let’s have some fun by sharing some of the best funko pop influencers Instagram has to offer!

Which Instagram accounts should you follow in the toy community?

Here’s a list of the best Instagram influencers in the Funko Pop World! (sorted by followers)

  1. @originalfunko (2.2M follower count)
  2. @funkoboss (122K follower count)
  3. @funkofinderz (119K follower count)
  4. @Dis.pops (116K follower count)
  5. (90K follower count)
  6. @Funkopopsnews (52.2 K follower count)
  7. @toppopsyt (44.6K follower count)
  8. @thefunkoolclub (6,354 follower count)
  9. @popanimegamer (6,242 follower count)
  10. @popdatbox (2,569 follower count)
  11. @funkobooksandtreasures (2,456 follower count)
  12. @popvidshq (885 follower count)

Some of the best funko photography comes from the posts found within the IG communities! Hashtag #funkogram, #funkolife. Also, #funkofamily is a great place to find new funko photography accounts to follow.

We love seeing how some collectors post photos of the funko pop in-the-box, and others take them out of the box! (Our IG @PopAndFigures keeps them in the box).

Do you have a collection of your own?

You should publish pictures using hashtags to share with the entire community!  If your torn between Instagram vs. Twitter, consider this;

Instagram can be a place for both funko news and photos! And most collectors have both.

Why should you follow these funko Instagram accounts?

Each member of the #funkocommunity is unique, kind, and caring towards everyone!

No matter which social media network your on, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube.

For all those new or long time collectors, this community is willing to help you navigate the journey. And building your collection with others is a ton of fun!

Collectors get the chance to show off their funko displays or recent purchases in one place.

Some could say Instagram has become the center of all this.

Find where you belong and which social network you like best. Is it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram? We’ve found that Instagram caters well to toy collectors. They’ve been posting for many years!

And they continue to update their accounts daily, giving you access to the latest toys in your feed. Since each #funkocollector has its style, it makes for an exciting feed every time.

You’ll see collectors share their funko display ideas or even talk about these items!

List of Best Funko Instagram Influencers

Below are a few reasons why these are the best you’ll find on Instagram.



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Thank you for your sacrifice, your bravery, and the example you set for us all. In short, thank you for your service! Happy Veterans Day!

A post shared by Funko (@originalfunko) on

It is the official funko pop company and posts news daily on the latest funko pops released. They also publish content for the #funkoeurope hashtag community!


A fellow collector who has been customizing funko pops for 5+ years and collecting for 6+ years. A collector that knows the #FunkoLife – They also have an excellent funko collection!



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Coming Soon: Pop! Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles. #Funko #FunkoPop

A post shared by FUNKOFINDERZ (@funkofinderz) on

A news account who’s excellent at posting the latest pops unboxed. Focused on giveaways, news, and tracking values of pops as they increase over time.


A go-to account for the latest funko information. This includes looking at upcoming funko releases and even rumors. They provide a recap list each week to show which pops are now available!

An excellent Instagram account to get a sense of the funko experience first hand!


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New Golden Girls Pops Coming Soon!

A post shared by Funko News ( on

They are one of the most credible and fast funko news social accounts in the toy community! It provides new pop designs and which stories will be releasing exclusives. Curious about the latest pops or need to research which new funkos are on the horizon? Follow this account and you’ll be in the know!


Looking for good deals on funkos and want to get them now? FunkoPopsNews is a reliable account that helps you find out when the latest sales are happening. They also have a new based Twitter account with even more updates happening each day.



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Today’s video will be coming out later than usual today but it’s totally worth it so stay tuned!

A post shared by Tristan (Top Pops) (@toppopsyt) on

A well-known Youtuber who has become one of the biggest within the funko community! He’s always introing a new video as “Hey Guys, Top Pops Here! He’s a familiar face in the funko community and  publishes new videos of the latest funkos often!


A group of collectors who support each other! They we’re established in 2018. Enrolling into this club happens rarely. Feel free to interact with members so you can join! You’ll find members with a ‘@thefunkoolclub’ tag in their Instagram bio!


A huge anime fan who loves collecting funkos and doing live streams on Instagram about them! She’s definitely someone to follow if you like anime and talking about funkos, and she’s a kind person.


Mike, known as ‘Pop Dat Box’ is an excellent funko Youtuber. He’s always putting together great unboxing videos. View his recent videos about the 2020 exclusive convention funkos. He does a lot of great giveaways (which often are grails)  as well.


Tara creates beautiful unboxed photos of the best funko on the market! She puts them in different scenery and backgrounds. It makes for an impressive daily dose of fun!


A family YouTube channel that loves to collect together. Marissa (PopMom) and Aurora (PopGirl) make great entertainers in the toy community. Authentic, funny and memorable moments in front of the camera together. They’ve unboxed some of the best funko you can get! A talented funko family and very kind!

Where can you find other fellow funko pop collectors?

Use this list of hashtags on Instagram to find funko pop collectibles showing up in your feed!

We’ve narrowed down this list to a few popular hashtags that will help you join the funko community. (See what we did there, #funkocommunity?)

  • #FunkoFanatic
  • #FunkoGram
  • #FunkoFam
  • #FunkoCollector
  • #FunkoPop
  • #FunkoAddict
  • #FunkoPopVinyl
  • #FunkoEurope
  • #FunkoCommunity
  • #FunkoLove
  • #FunkoPhotoADay
  • #FunkoLife
  • #ToyPhotography
  • #Anime
  • #Marvelcomics
  • #Photography

If there’s a fandom you enjoy like #GameofThrones, #The Office, or #StarWars, use hashtags. – as you know, funko has one for every fandom.

The best part is that these toys are for everyone; Kids and adults can have fun with them!

Are you a funko pop collector?

Start sharing pictures of your collection on Instagram with fellow collectors. You’ll see how much support is out there! Each shot counts and makes for an even better community.

You’ll see a lot of @PopAndFigures Instagram photos using hashtags from that list.

Have you found some of the best Instagram accounts not on this list?

Leave a comment below to share with the rest of our readers which funko Instagram accounts you think are the best!



  • Pop And Figures

    Toy collector blogger with 3+ years collecting funko pops. Believe it's okay for adults to collect toys and want to reduce the stigma. Follow @popandfigures on Twitter & Instagram.

PopAndFigures Funko Pop Blog

Toy collector blogger with 3+ years collecting funko pops. Believe it's okay for adults to collect toys and want to reduce the stigma. Follow @popandfigures on Twitter & Instagram.