Shinra Funko Pop Review

Fire Force funko pops have been rumored for pre-order and anime fans can not wait.

Shinra Kusakabe among company 8 in Fire Force is a third generation and fourth pyrokinetic, focused on saving his younger brother after his mother passed away.

Shinra’s flames burn extremely hot and gives him the ability to fly directly to his opponents. His determination gets him through tough times where he becomes the light and hero for others.

His characteristics consist of being brave, confident and strong. He’s a natural leader and inspires to push past their limits.

Learn more about his powers and the talent he has here:
Shinra Kusakabe | Fire Force Wiki | Fandom

Custom Fire Force Funko Pops are online while we wait for the announced Shinra Funko Pop.

Custom Shinra Fire Force Pop


Rumors have it there will be the following Fire Force pop vinyl’s releasing on 8/13/2021. Amazon France released the fire force funko pop.

Funko Fire Force Pops

Shinra Force Funko Pop Online

  • Box Lunch exclusive fire force funko pop  of Shinra w/Fire GITD  (Glow in the Dark)

Fire Force Funko Pop Release Date


Shinra Fire Force Funko POp Concept Art

Shinra Funko Fire Force Concept

Shinra is a fan favorite for anime fans and a must-have for pop collectors.  If you enjoy anime funko pops, you may also link these: Top 10 Vaulted Funko Pops for Anime Fans





Why Shinra is a Popular Character In Fire Force

Shinra  has a personality that’s fearless and determined. A quote from Shinra ‘Let’s get out of this place, and go somewhere more bright!’.  Fans are excited for the funko pop and hoping that it will reflect those features they love about him.

Fire Force Funko Pop Shinra

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