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10 Most Expensive Funko Pops Over 1,000 Dollars

The first time you lay eyes on a funko pop, you wouldn’t believe that it could be among the most expensive funko pops ever made? That’s right. Each funko pop has the potential to become a rare or costly treasure for others. Our top picks for most expensive funko pops below:  Holographic Darth Maul – Funko Pop Metallic Blue Suit Batman – Funko Pop Flocked Chewbacca – Funko Pop Skeletor (Black Hood) – Funko Pop Big Boy – Funko Pop Nerd Stark (Headless) – Funko Pop Black Suit Batgirl – Funko Pop The Avengers’ Loki – Funko Pop Green Lantern (Glow in the Dark) – Funko Pop Batman Silver – Funko Pop While it takes time for the funko market to determine the real value of a funko pop, you’d be surprised how valuable they can become.  Which most expensive funko pops should you keep an eye out for? If…

Top 10 Highly-Anticipated Upcoming Funko Pops for Anime Fans

Do you know how Funko decides on which upcoming funko pops they should produce? Or what influences this decision? That’s right, demand. If collectors want it then they shall get it.

How can we make a difference in getting Funkos attention and getting them to hear us about what we want? Well, that’s up to how loud and big the fanbase of a television show, movie, etc. can get!

Anime has always had a devoted fanbase, and in recent years this fanbase continues to grow. In fact, anime has never been more accessible to broad audiences. With shows like Attack on Titan and Fullmetal Alchemist available on Netflix, new people are being introduced to it every day. 

Grow demand to get your favorite characters to become Upcoming Funko Pops

Additionally, the rise of anime funko pops as collectibles have served to excite people about their fandoms and introduce them to new characters and stories they haven’t known yet. Below we’ll take you through some of the most highly-anticipated upcoming  Funko Pops for this year.

Funko announced another wave of Boku no hero (My Hero Academia) pops, where the show has been ranked 8.4/10 on IMDB recently and continues to grow in popularity as a top best anime. This time it looks like more villain funko pops are taking over the collection than heroes. It’s precise times have changed when collectors are hunting a villain over a hero!