Selling Funko Pops


5 Uncommon Ways to Sell Funko Pops

The first time I sold a funko pop was extremely unconventional. How to make money selling funko pops comes down to picking the best marketplace or platform where you want to find collectors ready to buy. Then picking the right price and shipping, to make the most desirable offer. Funko Pops are vinyl figures inspired by characters from movies, pop culture, and real-life that have oversized heads and eyes. There are more than 8,000 different figures and dozens of categories on the market, and the number is growing each day. Funko became popular worldwide in the last few years. There are communities around the world that share the pictures of their collections with each other. There’s far more to the Funko craze than fans spending hard-earned cash on their favorite fictional and real-life heroes – they’re a big business, especially with serious collectors. Funko Pops aren’t something most of us…