Expensive Funko Pops


Ten Most Expensive Funko Pops Over 1,000 Dollars

The first time you lay eyes on a funko pop, you wouldn’t believe that it could be among the most expensive funko pops ever made? That’s right. Each funko pop has the potential to become a rare or costly treasure for others.  While it takes time for the funko market to determine the real value of a funko pop, you’d be surprised how valuable they can become.  Which most expensive funko pops should you keep an eye out for? If you are a big fan of just about anything in popular culture these days, you might have surely seen some of the Funko Pop Vinyl figures of many famous characters. These pop toys bring smiles to collectors or fans looking to start collecting.  Below are the most expensive funko pops you could find in the community above $1,000 dollars. Holographic Darth Maul “JEDI! I Have Been Waiting For You.” It…